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It has been nearly one year to the day since we embarked on this Journey of sharing Timmy’s story in a way that would personally involve others. We do this by candidly sharing the ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments of his Healing Journey with his friends and supporters. We use video documentation of his progress, photos, blogs, articles and social networks like Twitter and Facebook. In just one short year, we have touched over 13,000 individual personal supporters and a total reach of over 23,000. You matter. You make this Journey possible. Simply by being here, you are a tool for change.

Almost daily I hear stories from people about their pets who have been harmed or killed from exposure to flea and tick products. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone. There is power in knowledge and sharing your stories with others the way things actually happened as well as the joy of recovery and the tears of defeat. These are the silent stories that weigh heavy on the heart. They spark anger, frustration, confusion and they also are the sparks of change.

You are not alone. The EPA has received over 27,000 incident reports in 2007, over 44,000 in 2008, and over 39,000 in 2009 from spot on, sqeeze on and drop products alone. That does not include those harmed by collars, powders, sprays, dips, foggers, shampoos and other applications. The actual number of incidents is much higher as many go unreported or under-reported, as required by law, by the manufacturers  (also known as registrants or stake holders). In other instances, there is no owner or vet reporting to the EPA. If you have experienced an adverse reaction to these products, even if the product states it is natural or organic, you can find reporting information here. NOTE: The EPA requested during our meeting with Directors in Washington DC in August, 2010 that even past incidences are reported. If your pet or a human in your household experienced an adverse reaction in the past, please contact these places to report it so that the EPA can gain a better understanding of the experiences of pet owners.

I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories. Your courage will help others right now and in the future. Sometimes they are very painful and almost always leave owners full of guilt… if only I didn’t do this or that or did this or that… I am here to tell you that you were trying to be a good pet owner, believing in “trusted” companies. One of my goals is to educate others before this happens to their beloved dog or cat. No one should ever have to go through this kind of pain and suffering due to corporate greed and lack of honest cautions, warnings and possible side effects clearly printed on labels.

To see the Tribute Movie, We Remember, honoring those cats and dogs who have been harmed by these products, please visit Timmy TV.

Altar Honoring Timmy and Oliver D Cat in Washington, DC

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    Over the holidays we lost our precious 12 year old American Shorthair (his name was Didder but we affectionately nicknamed him “Weetie” because he was so sweet, but being a large male cat we toughened the nickname up a bit). In honour of his memory, I wanted to s…hare his sad “tail” so that your readers may learn from it.

    We recently moved from another town that was 4 hours away and the Holistic food that we had been feeding him for years was not available in our new town. The local PetSmart recommended another food, however Weetie developed a food allergy. This is when I found and started to make him raw food. Being that he was an older cat, I blended his food slightly and after a few tries found just the right consistency.

    His skin and coat started to clear up, the plaque build up on his teeth, and even the dandruff that he’d had since kitten-hood started to clear up as well. Things were starting to look very well indeed. Then it happened, we live in a duplex and the neighbour also has pets. Due to the shared duct work we had concerns regarding the cigarette fumes that would fill our home and I began to wonder what else was invisibly entering our home. We soon found out, fleas!

    Weetie has only been afflicted with fleas one other time in his life and a bath and an over the counter flea collar seemed to cure the issue. This time however, the bathing did not seem to make a difference. He was starting to shed his fur in large patches due to the scratching, and like a moron, I went to the local PetSmart and purchased a Harts Flea and Tick Collar. After a bath and a mere 2 hours of wearing the collar, my precious boy began to vomit. I removed the collar, thinking that he’d be more comfortable without it and that the bath had perhaps upset his stomach. (In his old age, he had become less tolerant of bath time). That seemed to help and we snuggled in bed for the night.

    The next morning he did not seem very active at all and he was drooling heavily. I immediately phoned the local Cat Hospital and they referred me to the area Veterinary Emergency Hospital with instructions to bring the collar and the packaging as soon as possible.

    I bundled my boy into his new cat carrier and covered it with a blanket from the freezing temperatures that we were experiencing at the time. The Veterinarian confirmed my suspicions that it was a reaction to the collar, he was immediately put on oxygen and IV fluids. I went to visit him daily and kept in touch with the staff regarding his condition and progress.

    Throughout this terrifying time, I began to conduct some research, as the Veterinarian did not seem at all surprised that this collar had produced such an immediate and toxic reaction. I discovered that the active ingredient in the collar is the same ingredient in household “pest” sprays, something that we banned from our home many years ago! Furthermore, I discovered that this is a well known issue and although the companies have been advised and several agencies are conducting investigations, the products are still readily available on the shelves. (Here is a link to a Consumer Report on the subject. )

    Weetie came home on Christmas Day and we spent the time snuggling and keeping things peaceful and quiet. We were even blessed to hear him purring while he was resting in my arms. I will treasure this memory always as it holds a very special place in my heart.

    Weetie soon stopped eating and began to have loose stools, he was hiding in odd places and we were becoming concerned. That night I held my little boy in my arms and he slept curled up and purred intermittently. When we woke in the morning, there was a wet spot in the bed, our little boy had had a seizure. Our movement woke him up and he groggily headed toward the litter box, along the way he became disoriented and started to vomit, I got to him just in time as he went all rigid and then went limp and collapsed. I could feel that he was feverish and gently wrapped him in a blanket and held him quietly while my husband phoned the Veterinary Emergency Hospital to tell them we were on our way and obtain instructions.

    As we suspected, the neighbour had fleas as well and used a household spray treatment, which infiltrated our unit through the shared duct work causing the relapse. With his poor little system already bombarded and exhausted, this second and uncontrolled exposure was too much. It broke our hearts to see him suffer in pain, discomfort and lacking control of his basic functions. On December 30th, 2009 we made the heart wrenching decision to let him go where he could rest peacefully and beyond the reach of those terrible chemicals.

    Thank you for taking the time to read Weetie’s “tail” and hopefully providing the opportunity to spread the word.

    ~Andrea in Canada


    In November Bianca was still itching from fleas so I applied the product called BioSpot…..(I usually purchase Advantage but every place was out of this product and my vet is about 60 miles round trip away from our house) I purchased BioSpot from a pet store that sells high quality pet foods for Dogs & Cats…….

    Bianca seemed fine after I applied the flea meds to her until about 24 hours later she started to show some real scary side effects….First she was not able to even walk and the body tremors were so scary we thought she was having mini-strokes. Her eyes were all watery and she seemed like she could not even focus on objects right in front of her. I called the vet immediately and he instructed us to give her a bath in dish soap (so glad I use Dawn – which is a excellent product to remove grease from animals fur). After the bath she seemed worse and I called my vet again and he told us to bring her right into the office. He confirmed that it was the BioSpot flea meds and kept Bianca over night for careful observation. He gave her IV’s meds, along with a injection of charcoal to clean the toxins out of her body. By the morning her tremors had stopped and we were able to take her home later in the day. She has not had any additional side effects from this product but I think getting her medical attention as soon as we did was the reason she has done so well.

    A few days after this happened I stopped into the Pet Store to let the owner know what happened. When I told her the story about Bianca she immediately turned and walked over the all the BioSpot products and removed them from the shelve in her store. She said she would never, ever sell this “crap” again and was going to return all she had to the company with a letter asking for a full refund for the product.

    I am so sorry this had to happen to you, Bianca and I am sure many other animals but the public needs to know how dangerous this BioSpot product is………I never knew this product was so dangerous until I met you, Tim….after reading your story this helped me to recognize Bianca’s symptoms and act on it right away.

    ~ The Turners, Canada


    In early April of 2009, my husband and I returned from a 10 holiday. Upon arriving home, we were told that Oliver had snuck out of the house a couple times– as was normal for him in the early spring. Oliver loved to be outdoors. I examined Oliver that evening and saw ticks on his back near his tail. As our Frontline treatment had not arrived in the mail, I went to Walmart and bought Sergeants Flea & Tick Powder for Cats.

    A couple days following, I noticed that Oliver was having what looked like muscle spams. When I took him to the vet, I was asked if I had applied any topical powder to him and was then told that the active ingredients in Sergeants Flea and Tick Powder for Cats—Pyrethrins– is harmful to felines and was causing the “tremors.” Oliver was poisoned.

    At the end of May, I took Oliver in to discuss treatment as the tremors had not ceased. My vet suggested that we may be looking at extensive neurological damage, and that he needed to stay on meds to continue to treat the tremors. Since he had been taking Diazepam (Valium®) for more than a month, a full blood work up on him was necessary to be sure the drugs weren’t harming his liver.

    As I waited for the results, I watched my once energetic, playful kitty tremor away feeling completely helpless and saddened that he may never be the same. All I wanted was for him to be well—and wished I could get back the day I dusted him with that poison. 15 minutes passed and my vet entered the room with a somber look on her face. Olivers blood work showed he was in the advanced stages of Kidney Failure (CRF).
    My sweet kitty was dying.

    For two months, we aggressively treated Oliver at the animal hospital and at home. He was fed and watered via syringe. He required a saline drip, sometimes twice a day. He was “pilled” four times day. My kitty who once ran to the door to greet me every day for five years, ran FROM me as he knew what seeing me meant. I was the one closest to Oliver, so I’m the one that did his treatments.

    On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, while sitting with Oliver in our backyard comforting him after a pilling session, the thing I knew that was coming– yet dreaded, happened. Oliver looked at me and let me know that he was tired. He needed me to let him go.

    On August 10, 2009 we gave Oliver his wings. We were with him until he closed his eyes for the last time. He left this world so loved.
    Although it was and still is very difficult, we know he is at peace.

    Now he’s our Angel.

    The Pyrethrin posioning took my sweet, healthy boy away from me in just four months.

    On behalf of my sweet Oliver and the thousands of animals that have been damaged, harmed or killed by OTC flea and tick products, please join in my fight to see these products removed from retail shelves.

    Not One More Like Him. Ever.

    ~ Aundria Arlandson, Minneapolis

  • Paws in Heaven

    I work at Paws in Heaven and we just cremated a 5 month old kitty today, heartbreaker…. the vet put Advantage Plus on her and she had to be sent to Heaven. It really hit her hard. So makes you think should I use and flea control at all whether OTC or from vet???

  • The Observations of a Veterinary Professional

    As a certified veterinary technician who has worked in animal emergency hospitals, I have seen many heartbreaking cases of pets that have come in for treatment after having store bought flea medications applied to their fur. These products were labeled as safe to use on cats and dogs, but even when used as directed on the appropriate animal, they caused devastating consequences. I will never forget the looks of panic not only on the faces of the animals (who could not understand what was going on in their bodies) but of their guardians who were desperately hoping they can be saved. The effect these products have on an animal’s nervous system is horrific and although many can be saved if treatment is started early, treatment is often very costly and the animals that do survive can have long lasting neurological damage.

    The sight of a guardian rushing in with a beloved pet shaking in their arms is an image I saw over and over again. Treating these animals is challenging as they are so often traumatized by the effects of the flea product, they cannot even allow themselves to be touched. As technicians we try desperately to place intravenous catheters so that life saving medications can be given as soon as possible. This is followed by days of treatment which are not only costly but very stressful to animal that has to stay in the hospital.

    In addition to the adverse reactions these over the counter flea products cause our pets, many of the ingredients in these products have also been linked to brain damage, are harmful to the human endocrine system, and can cause certain kinds of cancer.

    It makes me incredibly angry what any animal has to go through this as a result of products that are known to cause problems but continue to be on the market. It’s more than about time these products were permanently banned.

    Randi E. Golub, CVT
    Eugene, OR

  • What is more upsetting is, when my Ambush Cat was sickened (and fortunately I panicked, and removed the Seargant’s collar and washed her down) that was over 15 years ago. This has been going on that long. 🙁


    That is so heartbreaking 🙁 I remember years ago, easily 15 years ago, my cat Ambush would get very very sick from flea collars (she was an indoor-outdoor cat, and I’m allergic to fleas) and within a couple of hours of having it on, her eyes would dilate and it would look like she was going into shock. I couldn’t use them on her, nor vet office flea dips. My cats since then are totally indoors, so I haven’t had to use any products, but I would never buy them now. My God. 🙁

    ~Sandy Shelton

  • Timmy .. I used ‘Hartz’ on my lab mix Trouble and she came up to my office with a completely swollen head… I did not even recognize her. She had a major allergic reaction to Herz Flee products and thank God … my vet could reverse it with a single shot.

    I will back you 100% …

    Love what you are doing and all the strength and power to you….

    ~ Maike

  • THANK YOU TINY TIMMY!! I used one over-the-counter flea product on my Princess Kitty many years ago, not knowing what havoc this could cause. She staretd to foam at the mouth – I IMMEDIATELY called the emergency vet and they said “Put her under a warm shower and wash it all off– if she does NOT get better, bring her in IMMEDIATELY!!” Luckily, she … See Morewas ok after that. I was up late late late that night making sure she did not have any other problems. Shortly afterwards, I took her to the vet to have THEM SAFELY remove her fleas.

    My co-worker called me one day to say “My husband just put (Sergeants?? Hartz?) Flea prep on our 5 cats and they are all sick!!” I told her to tell him to put them all under the shower (what a handful he had – but he did it!) IMMEDIATELY– and thank G-d, they recovered. HOWEVER, over-the-counter flea preps have RUINED the livers of many pets — some of them, with QUICK vet care, pulled thru, many others, did not– and we are not just talking cats or small dogs- LARGE dogs have also been killed. In the long run – it is FAR cheaper to apply a Vet-prescribed / vet-approved flea prep to your animal and EVEN THEN- WATCH CAREFULLY for ANY signs of a reaction — these are poisonous chemicals after all.

    ~Azar Attura

  • Buddy – Zodiac spot-on treatment and Zodiac bedding spray. He went into kidney failure and had these horrible tremors for 3 days. He passed away in my arms at the vet on October 5th, 2009. He was my best friend of 11 years.

    ~Serina Cook

  • just a heads up… Frontline (fipronil) nearly killed my cat!!! I applied it correctly (former vet tech)…and when i was a vet tech i remember seeing other cases of this but i assumed like an ignoramus that the pet’s human applied it wrong. the company’s hotline tried to turn the blame around on me and insists they have… never heard of such a reaction (which is not true because i have since talked to others who had the same experience,and called also). on top of it all, it didn’t even take care of the fleas!!!

    ~Charlie Bucket

  • I had put some of the OTC stuff on my 3 babies, and each one of them, especially Cali had raw spots where the fur and skin was coming off and all you could see was raw bloody places. It broke my heart that I will never use otc stuff again. I did it to save money but from now on I will find a way to get the rx stuff
    Friday, March 05, 2010 by jennifer

  • August P. Doggest<span class="comment-author-location"> from Tualatin, OR, United States</span>

    Weezy was found tossed in a garbage dumpster as a kitten. She was skinny, could barely hold her head up, and she was almost completely bald. She had on an OTC flea collar but was still completely covered in fleas. Underneath the collar she had a 1 1/2″ strip of open sores and oozing blisters. She was still completely covered in fleas. We removed the collar and physically removed the fleas. We got treatment for her sores and blisters, however it took over a month for them to heal. Luckily this is the only negative reaction she had to the collar and she is now a healthy happy kitty!

  • Frank Othus<span class="comment-author-location"> from Sanford, NC, United States</span>

    I had the honor of having kittens born in my home. However, the mother had gotten fleas
    from her outdoor excursions and being pregnant, couldn’t safely be treated for this.
    We picked fleas and brushed them until the babies were born. After which, we had three
    more to pick and comb thanks to our home being completely covered in the fleas.
    The vet said once the babies were 8 weeks old we could treat without worry of harming them
    in any way. We suffered through daily vacuuming and combing and picking, not wanting
    our precious babies hurt. At 8 weeks, at the vet’s advice we used Zodiac shampoo and sprayed
    the home (away from the kittens). Frank developed neurological damage. He immediately reacted
    to the shampoo. He became lethargic and couldn’t walk without toppling over. It would look
    as though his head was too large for his body to hold up.
    When his personality developed more we noticed fearful traits and forgetfulness. He would
    walk away from you, and be screaming in a very afraid way within a few seconds, needing consolling
    and holding. The vet said he has a type of dementia from over exposure to that flea product that he had only ONCE
    , which will
    most likely lead to seizures and finally an early death. His seizures were far and few between,
    but have increased greatly recently
    I still cannot believe that a vet whom I trusted, recommended such a horrible product. If
    you were the one who has held him while he has a seizure,as I have, you would understand
    how upsetting this is. Frank is the kindest creature I know. He loves everyone and wants
    only to be loved back. He deserved better than what he got.
    From Frankie’s mommy

  • Rachel<span class="comment-author-location"> from Madras, OR, United States</span>


    I remember the incident like it was yesterday. In September 2008 Trucker, our then 2 year old Alaskan Malamute ended up having fleas really bad. Since we didn’t have the money at the time to get the expensive OTC flea medicine I went to Fred Meyer’s and picked up the appropriate OTC Hartz product for him. I put the medicine on him before I went back to work (I work split shifts) at 2pm. Thinking every thing would be ok. When I came home around 5pm it was not all peaches and cream. Please keep in mind where we live their is no emergency after hours vet available. This is what our family witnessed:

    Trucker usually greeted us at the door. This time he did not. Unfortunately at first I didn’t really pay much attention to this behavior. Until I said his name and he didn’t move. I then noticed his eyes were watery and he was drooling and foaming at the mouth. I attempted to get him up and after a few minutes he did, but could barely stand. He fell back down. So I brought some water to him, not understanding what was happening to our dog. My husband came home from work and noticed that Trucker wasn’t acting right. He asked me “What’s up with Trucker?” I told him ” I don’t know.” I explained to him about the medicine and he thought I had overdosed him or didn’t apply it right. I showed him the box and explained that I did exactly what it said to do. While explaining to my husband about the medicine our then 9 year old yells “Mom, Trucker is throwing up all over the floor and won’t stop!!!” At that time our then 2 year old came running out of her room screaming “My doggie, My doggie.” I watched in horror as Trucker started convulsing, his eyes rolling back in his head, vomiting and whining for help because even he didn’t know what was happening to him. I thought maybe if I could get him up and get him outside to walk it would help him. Still not understanding what was going on. Trucker and I made it to the end of the sidewalk and again he collapsed on the ground. I yelled for my husband to come help me pick him up, as he weighed at least 110 lbs. When we got him back into the house his symptoms started all over again, except this time he just looked at me like he was going to give up. I told him not to give up on me, while our children were petting him and loving on him begging him not to give up either. I then proceeded to call the poison # on the back of the medicine box and explained what was happening to our beloved family member. The lady on the other end asked me “Do you have any Dawn soap?” I replied “Yes.” She told me very sternly “Wash him immediately at least 5-6 times really good and make sure to get deep down into his coat.” ( For those who don’t know Malamutes have a protective coating on their fur to help keep in warmth, but repel moisture) I told my husband to get Trucker into the bathtub immediately. She asked me how long the medicine had been on him and explained to me that he was poisoned. I told her thank you for the information and went to help my husband wash the poison off our dog. Just for safety sake we washed him 10 times really good. After about a half hour he was Trucker again. However, the affects of the medicine would be noticed later. 2 weeks later I noticed that Trucker started walking weird after our daily walks. He would lay down in pain and end up walking with a limp. If he gets to much vigorous activity he will yelp in pain and become partially parallelized in his hind legs. When you run your fingers down his spine he trembles like that night. He also is very sensitive when someone touches his hind legs. They hurt him. Unfortunately, I am the only one he trusts around his hind legs and can’t have much fun with other members of the pack.
    I contacted our vet when I started noticing Trucker walking and acting weird. I explained to them about what had happened to him. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money for the expensive vet bills or correct diagnosis, but by explaining to him about his condition I was told by our vet that Trucker now suffers from neurological spinal nerve damage.

    The whole sad part about this is not only did Trucker experience a horrific incident and still has the effects at 3 years old, but our children had to witness the effects of what this product does to a beloved pet. Thank you for taking the time to read about Our experience with OTC product. From Truker’s Pack

    • Thank you so much for sharing with everyone Trucker’s story. It makes me sad. It makes me angry. Mostly, it makes me want to do more to educate others before something happens. You need to know this wasn’t your fault.

      Hartz is a “trusted” brand although it is no longer the company it used to be. You thought you were being a good pet parent, and you were. You were led to believe Hartz was your partner in that responsibility.

      One question though… When you called the number on the package, did they give you a case number? Did they take info off the box?

  • Andrea<span class="comment-author-location"> from Matamoras, PA, United States</span>

    A couple weeks ago, I bathed my dog in Sergents Flea and Tick Shampoo, and when we woke up in the morning, she had large bumps from head to toe.

    I rushed her to the vet, thank geez they have and emergency ward and are 24/7. The vet told us there would be no long term damage. But I didn’t know about the horrible effects she could have suffered, not until I read your story.

    So now, I’ve bought your “Sudz” and hope it’ll get rid of her last bit of fleas, and will keep her safe! THANK YOU TINY TIMMY!!! From Honey Bear and Me!

  • Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!

  • Raffi and Sabra<span class="comment-author-location"> from Sartell, MN, United States</span>


    In the 90’s I had rescued a wonderful little feral named Uzi. She was severely malnourished and had a very difficult time adjusting. She was also very stunted- a full grown adult weighing aabout 4 and a half pounds.

    I tried all kinds of herbal collars and everything that I could that was natural-nothing seemed to work. I picked up some flea powder at the pet store. So much time has gone by that I cannot swear whether it was Hartz or Sargeants- I seem to remember that it was Hartz- in any case- I put it on and got to doing something in the house and heard this terrible moaning noise and tracked down the noise to find Uzi crouched on a dresser and realized she was foaming at the mouth.

    I picked her up and she started violently thrashing around. It looked like a seizure. I did not have time to even call the vet- she started to go into rigor in my arms and her head dropped forward and she died so quickly it left me in terrible shock.

    She was drenched in tears. I wrapped her up in a blanket and we said good bye to her buried her in our rose garden. It absolutely took my breath away -how quickly this happened.

    I will never use anything like that again- going to any kind of natural product I can-instead.

    Thank you Timmy for giving Uzi a chance to tell her story- You are our Hero!!!!!

    Never again on my cats.

    Raffi Lido

  • shelley<span class="comment-author-location"> from Mountain View, CA, United States</span>

    about five years ago i found a little black and white kitty and we named her gizmoe we never really had a prouble with fleas untill we moved and i took her to a vet for treatment and we got a spray for her so we done it like the vet told us and within eight hour she started shaking and falling over so we call the vet and he told us to wash her off and she getting worse so we rushed her back to the vet and all he could do for her was to give her a shot and its was alot of money qnd i didnt have the money at

  • kelli<span class="comment-author-location"> from Brampton, ON, Canada</span>

    we applied segrants flea and tick meds on our 4 cats. I only had one vile of medication so I thought i would put a quarter on each animal. well at around midnite my husband got up to go get a drink of water before we went to bed and we saw one of our 6 month kitten blinking his eyes. My husband thought maybe he had something in his eyes. so he came to get me so I could flush out his eyes and when I opened up his eyes his pupils were completely dialated and non reactan to the light. So I knew that there was something neurological was going on. So we called the vet and while he was on the phone with the vet he had a seizure. So we rushed him to the vet at 1230 in the am. Then we kept watch on our other cats. Around 6 am 2 of our other cats started to twich. So at 8 am we went back to the vet with the other 2 cats. One had a seizure in the vets office and required to state for 3 days ( to be honest we thought we were going to have to put him down) The other kitten was released from the vet that day and then around 630 pm started seizing again back to the vet we went she was given another iv and some vailum and sent home. Around 1130 the next day she started to seiz again. So back to the vet she went. Thank god after 1200 dollars. ( thank god we had the money) all the cats are back to normal. But I will never again use this stuff and I tell people not to buy it as well

  • Leslie Sanford<span class="comment-author-location"> from Providence Forge, VA, United States</span>

    My Lily was about 8-10 weeks old when she was brought into the veterinary hospital where I worked. It was my first job as a Licensed Veterinary Technician, and the veterinarian I worked for was the vet for the local animal shelter, so Animal Control officers were always bringing us pitiful cases of sick and injured animals.
    Lily’s humans had put an OTC adult dog flea product on her and she had gone into convulsions. They didn’t want to deal with her so they dumped her at the shelter. Luckily, the AC officers brought her right to us (still seizing) and with much bathing and supportive therapy she recovered (albeit still with fleas!). During her stay, I fell in love with her and adopted and named her.
    Twelve years later, I have just had my sweet & loving Lily euthanized due to cancer.
    No kitty should have to start out her life like Lily did, but it did bring her to me, so I am grateful to the quick-acting people at the shelter for getting her treatment so quickly so she could survive and become my loving baby.
    RIP, my sweet Lily.

  • April of Van, TX November 11, 2010

    Purchased at Petsmart and it was recommended by an employee.

    I put it on my 1yr old Shih Tzu and within minutes, she started acting like she as on fire. I realized she was having a reaction and quickly bathed her, then I called the hotline for help. I was told to bathe her..I did. Emergency Vet Clinic said to give her Bendryl, so I did. She is acting like she is on fire…she cannot sit still for even a second. She is whining and crying out in discomfort.

    I got online and there are hundreds of people that have had the same problem. So, what makes this product still able to be sold????

    Tanya of Oak Ridge, NJ November 6, 2010

    My cat suffered a major stroke after putting PurrScriptions Squeeze on For Cats and Kittens. He died later that day.

    The symptoms leading up to it were hair loss, lethargy, hiding, unresponsive and drooling. After the “stroke”, he was listless, crying and couldn’t eat or walk. 218,

    Debbie of Milton, DE September 11, 2010

    A person whom left me their cat and child to raise, left the product purrscriptions squeeze on for cats and kittens flea control from Sentry also to use as needed on her cat. My family had just gotten a kitten 2 months earlier. When new cat came in home, our new kitten got fleas. The person had left the Sentry product with 2 applications left in box. I read the directions carefully and really went over precautions again and again before applying to my kitten. He was so infested it needed treating.

    So I used the Sentry PurrScriptions flea control squeeze-on. It only took less than an hour to see extreme changes in my kittens behavior. He could not sit still, he was not responsive to our calls though either. He stared away and was looking at the ceiling in a stare. He started with the paw shaking like he wanted to shake his paws off. He bit all over himself like he had more fleas and is trying to bite his toes off. He could not sit still for a minute and began not to be able to walk on his paws as if they were sensitive.

    I tried to console him, but he was not right. Then the muscle tremers in his hind areas. We were pretty much freaked out. This was not our kitten. I got on line and saw the many many poisonings from the Sentry products complaint sight. I was appalled that this company is getting away with the poisoning of pets. The box DID NOT SAY A THING about the symptoms my kitten had. But when I read statement after statement, my kitten had all the same symptoms as all the other cats and dogs.

    Now I called a dog groomer that I know and she directed me on the washing with dawn dish detergent to get the poison off. This is hour 15 and my kitten did eat and drink thank god, but he still is not right. His control of his hind legs and the shaking off of his paws are still major problems as is he trying to bite his toes off. I hope he lives, if not this company needs to be held liable. As of hour 15, I have not had to take him to the vet to treat. I am hoping the washing will help ease the symptoms. But it is still early yet according to all the testimonials.

    patrick of Dallas, TX August 26, 2010

    Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Squeeze-On Flea and Tick Control for Cats and Kittens. Irritated skin, caused muscle spasms, increased temperature with two treated animals. One required trip to emergency vet to receive muscle relaxers and IV drip. Several days later symptoms still exist. Over 200 in veterinary bills so far. Animals are not the same, still twitching, hiding.

    Tasha of Vancouver, WA August 20, 2010

    I bought this product for my dog, who is 7lbs. I bought the toy breed which is for 4 to 10 pound dogs. Within 30 minutes of applying it just as the package instructed she began to vomit, Soon after the tremors kicked it, and she just wouldn’t respond to me. She seemed so freaked out by touch or whenever we would talk to her. I called the emergency number on the back of the packaged and opened a case with them and was intructed to bath her in dish soap. I did this, and she continued to throw up. I rushed her to the vet, where she had to stay for 24 hours on IV fluids, muscle relaxers, charcoal down her throat, and sedation at some points. This product is horrible. I can’t believe how sick it made her! 500 bucks just to save 30. No thanks. They should have a warning on their package that this can make you animal very ill or even kill them.

    Kathryn of Largo, FL August 18, 2010

    8/18/2010 We were referred to the Sentry Pro Squeeze On Flea and Tick Control by a Petsmart employee who stated that it was the same as Frontline, but cost much less. We had never used the product previously but since we were in the process of a move, money was a bit tight and we decided to give it a try. Last night (8/18/2010) we applied the product according to the package directions, applying it between the shoulder blades of our 3 year old Italian Greyhound, Louie. We made sure to place it where he would not be able to lick it off. We didn’t notice anything wrong as the evening progressed and went about the business of getting ready for bed. There was a noise from the bedroom where Louie was and we rushed to see what was going on.

    Louie was laying on the ground, shaking and twitching panting and throwing up excessively. He was not able to get up at all or walk. He appeared to be having some sort of seizure and was unable to use his back end or his legs. We scooped him up and rushed him to Tampa Bay Emergency Clinic in Largo at approximately 12:30 AM this morning (8/18/2010). We took the box of the Sentry Flea medication with us to give to the veterinarian on duty, Dr. Kathryn Bennett. They took Louie to the back to assess him, along with the box of Sentry flea and tick medication. When she came back to speak with us she was trying to contact the 800 number on the box as it appeared that Louie has suffered an extremely adverse reaction to the Sentry flea medication. She further went on to say that they were bathing him with Dawn dishwashing liquid and washing his mouth out with soap and applying Vitamin E oil to his skin where the application had been. After about an hour he was released with instructions to go give him Pepcid for his upset stomach and to follow up with our own veterinarian today.

    We almost lost our precious Louie due to using a product that is touted as being safe. Petsmart should not be selling this Sentry product and should furthmore instruct their employees not to misrepresent the product by telling customers that it is the same thing as Frontline. From what I have found out from my daughter today, this product is NOT just like Frontline. This Sentry product is a broad spectrum insecticide and can kill even mammals, while the Frontline type products are narrow spectrum insecticides and kill only insects. This product should be taken off the market before it makes more animals sick and ends up killing one (actually, deaths may have already occured, but I do not know that for sure).

    Lise’ of Fort Worth, TX August 12, 2010

    Within an hour of putting the Sentry Pro XFC, one of my miniature schnauzers started vomiting and drooling excessively, and then became very lethargic. She is only a year old and normally a very active dog. I let her outside for a few minutes to go potty, and she just sat on the patio drooling and acting as if she couldn’t move at all. I picked her up to bring her in and she felt extremely warm. I laid her on the sofa and kept wiping her down with a cool, damp rag. She could barely hold her head up, and I thought she was dying. I never thought that her flea treatment could make her that sick! I went and bathed her with Dawn detergent and rinsed for several minutes. Afterwards, i noticed that my other schnauzer was having similar symptoms, so I immediately went and bathed her. Now they are just laying on the sofa, drooling, smacking, and biting at themselves. This is definately not normal behavior for them! I pray that this stuff doesn’t cause permanent damage to my babies. These products need to be removed the shelves!

    Heather of East Taunton, MA July 16, 2010

    I purchased the Sentry Pro flea treatment for my dogs. Within minutes of giving it to each of them my 2 yr old Pyrenees starting itching and trying to bite her back fiercely. She became very lethargic, vomited a few times and developed a hot spot/lesion about 8 inches in length. I washed as much of it off as I could however it is very hard to remove. I had to treat her back with soothing topical salves for 2 weeks. During this time she refused to eat and wanted to be alone all the time. She is improving now. Her back is healing and the scab is finally starting to come off.

    This morning I decided to google this product and holy cow!!!! I cant beleive I could have killed my dogs with this product!!! I am really angry now and will ask Petco next time I am in to remove this product from their shelves. Thank god my pets are ok and I hope that enough complaints can be mounted against this product to deem is unsafe and have it pulled from the stores.

    Sandra of Corona, CA July 14, 2010

    I purchased this product, came home to apply on both my poodles less than an hour later, they looked as if they were drugged. Panting, crying, hyper, could not sit still, scratching themselves, looked terrible, they ran around as if they were on fire!! No sleep for either of them it has been 2 days. No food, have to bottle feed for them not to dehydrate. This product is junk and it is lethal. This company should be closed, these products are really damaging to dogs. The stress and uncomfortable feeling they are having is out of control. I feel as if there is nothing I can do. They cry when you pet, they are walking like zombies because of no sleep, they lay down and have to get back up. It is terrible. I am thinking of taking this company to court this is disgraceful.

    Susan of Gig Harbor, WA June 28, 2010

    I purchased SentryProXFC on 6/26/2010. I applied it to my 3 dogs, according to the directions on the box. Within an hour they were acting as if they needed to jump out of their fur, whining as they tried to rub the product off and crying as if in pain if I touched them. They were very uncomfortable, unable to sit or lay, rubbing against any & everything to try to get the product off. One even went out to roll on the gravel drive. Only after a cool bath, being washed in Dawn detergent & getting Benadryl did they begin to show signs of relief although 2 days later they still are not back to normal.

    I can understand when they say some pets may be sensitive to a product — all 3 have the same type of reaction? Not buying it — in my opinion there is a major problem with this product. I was amazed & appalled at the number of comments & complaints, and the severity of the reactions to this product, that I have since found on line. I am even more amazed & appalled that Sergeants/Sentry still have not made adjustments to or even pulled the product. If a product for people had this type of reaction it would be pulled from the shelves immediately. As I no longer believe in the integrity of this company, or its products, I will never again use any Sergeants’ or Sentry pet product.

  • jennie of brunswick, GA May 24, 2010

    I purchased the SENTRY PRO flea product for both of my dogs. It just did not work. I applied it and as of today, 4 days later, they are still scratching just like before. I am going to return this product back to PET SMART and get a refund. I just wanted to let you know this is a product that does not work. I am going back to using the FRONTLINE or the ADVANTAGE as I have used in the past.

    Courtney of Ambridge, PA May 20, 2010

    I accidently used this on my cat when the medicine is for a dog but it almost killed him. What kind of medicine almost kills an animal that is for them. Yea I know it wasn’t meant for him but dogs and cats are similar. When I used it on my dog one time, it didn’t even work. The fleas were still there. Flea medicines are supposed to kill the fleas not kill your pet. My cat started having seizures. He could possibly have brain damage because of this.

    Cheryl of Barrington Hills, IL May 11, 2010

    I recently bought some of the Sentry Pro XFC flea and tick product to apply to my two dogs a poodle and schnauzer. I followed the directions as stated to apply to the shoulder area. Afterwards both dogs are having reactions to the product. After about an hour of applying it both of them were running around acting very hyper. Then after awhile they were just sitting there but still panting heavily. I did not make the connection yet that this product was the reason for the panting we had applied this in the evening so we went to bed after a couple of hours.

    Day 2 both dogs are still not responding normally. The schnauzer was very agitated and was digging on bare floors and still could not sit still. The poodle was very warm to touch and would squeal if I touched her. She still is panting heavily. I immediatley washed the stuff off of them with dish detergent and rinsed them both for ten minutes to be sure to get all the product off. For the rest of the day both dogs continued to keep scratching as if the product was still there. My poodle who is fairing this the worst is refusing to eat and drink.

    Day 3 awoke at 6:00 a.m. with my poodle squealing went down to see what happened to find she had pooped all over herself. She was sitting there squealing, I tried to pick her up which made her squeal more. Gave her a bath. Tried to get her to eat and drink but will not. If I try to touch her on her back where the product was applied she squeals in agony. The schnauzer is still scratching at his fur, and sumwhat staggers around the house. These were perfectly healthy normal dogs 4 days ago and now they are both sick. I can not believe they are allowed to sell this stuff on the market. There are no warnings on the box stating what could happen if you apply this to your dog. I would have never applied this if there was a chance it was going to make them this sick. With this many complaints about this product why hasn’t it been pulled from the shelves. I would have stuck with just a flea collar.

    Beth of Garner, NC May 7, 2010

    I applied this product as directed and it made my shiz tzu very sick. She immediately rolled around trying to rub it off, and she ran around as if stung by a bee. She was frantic to get the product off.

    I have applied Frontline before and she always rolls around to try to get that off, too, but this was so much more extreme. She was absolutely terrified and in agony, doing all she could to try to get the product off. I realized that something was very wrong, so I put her in the sink and washed off the product as much as I could but she seemed very much upset even after that, and she was panting and breathing rapidly, so my husband and I decided to take her to the emergency vet. They bathed her again, gave her Benadryl and a steroid shot, and recommended that if she was not OK the following morning, that we see our vet.

    All night long Annie sat on her butt and shifted her weight from one leg to the other. No sleep for either of us. I took her to our vet who said that she had a hurt back, and she ordered steroids, pain pills, and muscle relaxers. Nevertheless, Annie, continued for 12 more hours to sit on her butt and shift her weight from one side to the other. Finally out of exhaustion she fell over on a pillow and slept for a few hours. Then she woke up and cried. That was 2 days ago. She is still crying and far from normal.

    Maria of San Antonio, TX April 27, 2010

    Used Sentry Pro XFC on my tiny dogs, and they have the same reaction as every other dog on here. My vet told me there is pretty much nothing that can be done, just to wait it out. It’s been since Thursday night. I’m lost for words on this. The manufacturer told me this was a rare case. Im getting lawyer ASAP.

    Shannan of Weatherford, TX April 16, 2010

    April 15, 2010 I applied Sergeant’s Sentry Pro XFC flea and tick squeeze on for dogs as directed to my shitzu. About an hour later, I noticed that he was drooling a lot. I called to him but he did not respond. This is normally a very active, energetic dog, so when I noticed his extreme lethargy, I became concerned. He continued to drool and loll about while my family and I finally figured out what caused his symptoms — the Sentry Pro XFC that had just been applied. It wasn’t until we washed the product off his skin that he began behaving normally. After several hours, he began drinking water and eating. Thankfully, he is ok now.

    ryan of thompson Station, TN April 14, 2010

    after loosing my job I was forced to purchase a cheaper brand of tick and flea medicine in order to properly still treat/ prevent for this upcoming summer. I purchased Sentry Pro XFC at Petco. This product is out on the floor, middle of the walking isle as if im dumb as to walk by it and not purchase it after all the signage the product puts out. I applied the 10lb drop to my 4 peekapoms and 1 115lb german sheperd.

    Within 10 min of applying all of my dogs started running around acting as if flea’s were bitting them. With in 30 min all of my animals were crying as if someone burned them. I got on line and typed in the name of the product and sure enough this posion is killing so many others as well. For the next 8 hrs my dogs couldnt stay still for longer than 5 sec at a time and then out of nowhere they would flop in the air as if they were hit with a stun gun. This action continued way into the night. A bath , olive oil, & allergy med is the only thing that kept them alive in the fact the action took place within 3 hours of application. Had a full dose and no bath happened my pets would be dead.

    Debbie of Bethlehem, GA April 7, 2010

    I purchased this product from Pet Smart today (4/6/10) and my husband put this on our Pug around 5PM. I was at work, he had errands to run and when he returned home 1 – 1 1/2 hours later, our dog was having problems breathing, had messed and pee’d in our house. This is something she never does. Dora is 6 years old and is a great family member. I had heard about problems with flea & tick product from a friend of mine and was concerned about using them this year, but had great success with them in the past.

    So when picking up dog food and treats today, I looked at this product, and asked the girl at the counter if she knew anything about it. She said the only thing she had heard was that many of the fleas are getting used to the type of products that had been on the market, and were getting immune to them. So, she thought this was probably a good idea. I thought it was worth giving a try.

    Around 9:30 tonight, my husband called me at work to let me know the problems with Dora. I went on the web site for the product and was horrfied to see this is the product that my friend had been talking about. I called the emergency 800# on the product container, and spoke with Jackie at this number. She said that many times dogs are getting a ” prickly” feeling, or reaction to the product and that the active ingredient is causing some problems with animals having allergic reactions to the product. She said to wash the dog in a dish detergent used for greasy dishes two or three times, to remove from her skin. Then place vitamin E-oil on the site, and apply cold compresses, for relief. That this allergic reaction usually gets better within 24 hours. She gave me a case # incase I needed to call back, they are a “poison control” center and are there 24 hours a day.

    I will spread the word to all of my friend and anyone who will listen about this product, after clicking on the web sit and immediately being directed to the consumer affairs site. This tells me that something is definitely not right with this product. I have friends that work for vets, and will make sure they post something in their office regarding the potential problem. I certainly think that if a dog food company is smart enough to recall something off the shelf to protect our family pets, that a company like this should also think about the pain they are causing our pets, and family members. “SHAME ON YOU SENTRY FOR NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING”

    brenda of perris, CA March 28, 2010

    I bought this to control fleas and ticks on my dog, after about 3 or 4 hours he was shaking ,scratching ,biting his paws whining I have to rub his ears or he will cry I have lost sleep for 2 nights and I have to take him to the vet on monday!

    Holly of San Diego, CA March 19, 2010

    On March 16th, 2010 I purchased Sentry Pro XFC from a Petsmart in San Diego, Ca. I put this medicine on my dog at 8:30pm that night and within 1 1/2 hours she was twitching and could not stop…walking around in circles, she was whining and her right rear leg moving going up and down. She then started panting and breathing so hard. You could see her heart racing so fast and I thought my dog was going to go into a cardiac state and the rapid movement scared me to death. I decided to take her to the ER vet since mine was closed. They gave her charcoal and IV fluids but no changes.

    I took her back home at 4am. The vet said it should wear off…so I watched and she continued to be miserable. She could not literally sleep nor could I..keep in mind this was over 24 hours. Day 2- I take off work to take her to the vet because she is the same symptoms as the night before and the vet runs a blood test to rule out any thing else going on. It is the flea crap I put on her…I feel so terrible. Now at 48 hours she is still shaking can’t really sleep and runs around the house. My POOR DOG! So I sit and wait for this to wear off…the 800 # says it can take up to 72 hours to wear off. At this point after looking this product up n the internet I am in disbelief that this can be sold at petsmart! Amazing…all I want is my healthy puppy back…praying for her to pull thru!

  • Tanya<span class="comment-author-location"> from Landing, NJ, United States</span>

    Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Flea and Tick Squeeze-On for Cats and Kittens 5-Pound and Over (Misc.)

    I purchased this for my cat who went outside once a day. He was bringing ticks back home and I thought it was important to treat him. I have had success treating the dogs with Frontline and frankly, I figured that if these chemicals were allowed on the market, the FDA/EPA would have deemed them safe. I didn’t think I needed to do my own research on the use of common pet treatments for common problems. I thought the lower price versus Frontline would result in lower effectiveness, not higher toxicity. I was very wrong.

    After putting this product on my cat of about 14 pounds, he began to stop coming for dinner. Although odd that he didn’t come barging into the kitchen upon hearing a can food opening, I dismissed it. I also dismissed that he was lethargic. I thought the clumps of hair coming out were from the tick bites as he was still getting at least one a day.

    A few days later I found my cat salivating, barely alive with severe neurological damage. The vet had originally thought it was a stroke as he was disoriented and dragging his hind legs. He got progressively worse that day and later died that night. I cannot prove that this product indeed killed the cat, but a perfectly healthy cat suffered major brain damage after a few days of wearing it. I Googled the product, and the disturbing number of complaints against this product were enough for me to call the manufacturer, the store that I bought it from, and my pediatrician.

  • Deb in Ohio<span class="comment-author-location"> from Dayton, OH, United States</span>

    I’ve had several cats with reactions to flea collars, so I quit using them fairly early on and went with the spot treatment the vet gave me. What I’ve seen is hair loss around the collar and blisters under it. The first time, I thought it was an allergic reaction, so I took the collar off and Dodger healed up within a month. My little cat, Jeep, had reactions to so many things, so it wasn’t a surprise when she also reacted to flea collars. (I forget what brand they were, but they were both around the same time. It wasn’t Hartz or Zodiac, but I don’t remember what they were.) Saffron, my newest cat, came to me with severe blistering around his neck (from I believe a Sargents collar) that took months to heal properly. While dealing with that is when I found Tiny Timmy on facebook and started REALLY learning about these products.

    I’ve never had to deal with the severe reactions a lot of you have talked about, for which I’m grateful, and my heart goes out to each of you that has had to see and deal with such horrible things happening to your 4-legged family members.

  • jessica<span class="comment-author-location"> from Thunder Bay, ON, Canada</span>

    in december 2010 we used sargent protect…on our 2 very healthy cats dacota 3 and diamond 8 when we put it on they wear perfecly normal about 5 hours later dacota our youngest cat started haveing seizers and couldent walk prporly she was stiff as a bored so we put her in a box hopeing she would be fine we called the vet he said to put her in the bath so we did it got worse we called agian and he said to make her comterble so we put her in the box then we noticed diamond our 8 year old cat started doing the same thing so we put her in the bath it dident work it got worse agian we called the vet agian he said to make them both comfterble sadly it dident work and our cat dacota died in a box and the worse part…she bite off her own tounge!! 🙁 then diamond stooped haveing the problems so we thought she would be fine the next morning she was alive but very very sick sadly she died at 12:30 in the afternoon she was all mushy 🙁 i iss them so much and i wanna thank all of you for reading my story!! PLEASE DONT USE SARGENTSPROTECT!!!!! IT DIDENT MAKE ARE CATS BETTER IT KILLED THEM!! im so sorry eveybody for ur lose thank u!! for letting me share my story with all of u!!

    • Hi Jessica!

      I am so sorry to hear about Dacota and Diamond. This should have never happened. EVER. And you are not to blame. You tried to be a responsible pet parent and treat for fleas & ticks. Sadly by having these things on the market, we think they have a margin of safety, but the labels do not tell the entire story.

      Please feel free to click on the Light a Candle tab here and there is a link where you can light a candle for them. I am lighting one now.

  • Pam<span class="comment-author-location"> from Dadeville, MO, United States</span>

    It was July, 2008 when I used Hartz flea & tick product on 4 of my cats. Two of them, Radar & Bailey had an immediate reaction. I rushed them to the vet where they both died two days later. The other two cats were perfectly fine but the tubes of product were from a different package, leading me to believe the products were packaged wrong. I contacted the local TV station who did a report. Hartz has denied any wrong doing. I make it a personal mission to tell my story to any person I see in any store buying OTC flea & tick products. Maybe I can save some lives.

    Thank You TT for what you are doing !!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Pam for sharing your story! It is my hope that the more people share their stories, the more others will learn and pass it on. Also, it gives great strength to know you are not alone.

  • Nicole

    I realize that vets are to recommend prevention as much as possible however I find it hard to believe that any type of flea med that kills bugs is safe for pets. I put Advantage on my 8 month old puppy (between shoulder blades as directed) and an hour later he threw up twice on the floor which he never does. The odor of the Advantage came out on his breath for a few days later.
    Will never use anything like it again and I’m glad I found this site. Actually saw Timmy on the Bissell photo contest and looked this up. I wish you a full recovery.

    • Anonymous

      I am glad you found us through Bissell! That’s why we entered – to help share Timmy’s story with more people! I am sorry for the experience you had with Advantage, but am glad it was not worse.

  • Echo72593

    i am an old pro at this pet thing…literally…I have worked with horses all my life, had pets from mice to dogs….worked for the local Humane society, rescued Bassett Hounds….but as of late I could not figure out why my dogs went bald….every winter….second dog in a row….first my Flatcoated Retriver (RIP) and now my Lab. we had more dignostics and none panned out…until my daughter moved back into my house with her two dogs. We gave them all their bi-monthly flea bath and her dog Honey broke out in hives…..serious hives….We went to the Vet and it seemed she developed a reaction to the fleaproduct…asking all the right questions to the awesome Vet and it was determind that the possibility was that my dogs r loosing their hair because it is poisoning them….I freaked, and then promptly stopped bathing them with those products. My daughter did some looking and found ur soap for fleas n ticks……My dog is feelin fine…the hair is almost all back and Honey has not had any reaction since. …I refuse to bath her in anything else…and just to be on the safe side….my Dane Puppy hasnt seen a bottle of ‘poison’ yet….

  • Rose

    I used those same flea powders, collars, and liquids. Only my one elderly cat Buzz reacted badly to them, it seemed like he had a stroke from them and thank God he recovered. It didn’t look like he would but he did. Fortunately none of the others suffered any lasting effects either. Those products did get rid of the fleas on the rest of my cats but Buzz suffered with them, it seemed nothing worked and I tried so hard buying everything i could under the sun to help him and try to get rid of them. Not sure if the fleas contributed to his death but he did still have them when he died. He was 14 and died in his sleep. The rest of the cats did not get fleas again and have been flea free ever since but those products are dangerous, shortly after Buzz died there were all these alerts & cautions about those flea & tick products. They should be banned & all of them pulled off the market, I still see those products in stores. How many people who don’t know, like I didn’t, will buy them and something happen to their pets?

  • Shelleyfirebird

    hi mine name shelley i learned of this just this last year about timmy and the stuff he went threw i to lost my gizmoe to a flea and tick product i never knew the dangers of this stuff and what it could do to your pet i bought the spray for her ;she really didnt have that many so i sprayed her well u know cats dnt like being sprayed so she went and hid in r basement, a hour went by so i decided  to check on her and i found shaking and she act like she did not even know me so i rush her to the vet where he discovered it was the spray she couldnt walk or even hold her head up he said he could give her a shot but it was very expenive and he could not granitie it would work so i decide to put her to sleep so i held her in my arms as she drifted off to sleep and told her i was sorry for the pain that i caused with stuff it so awfull that they can still sale this stuff it needs to be removed from all selves or have warning labels that say may cause death and proublems in ur pets health we need to help these pets we r there voices only we can make the diffrent rip gizmoe  we miss u each and every day luv u timmy keep up the good work

  • Allison

    I am writing with a heavy heart.  My 5 year old, 90lb American Bulldog mix died yesterda, July 20, 201, due to complications of the flea and tick medication, K9 Advantix II, purchased through 1800PetMeds.  Within hours of application he became paranoid and withdrawn, within days he began losing the use of his legs. He became unable to stand on his own, and once we got him up he could no longer walk properly. We took him to our vet who did extensive testing, thinking he had lyme disease, but all came back normal.  At the 3rd week mark of giving the drug he was totally depressed, had lost 12 lbs and woke one morning to a goiter and horribly swollen neck.  We took him to the emergency vet who was also baffled and wanted to do surgery to remove his salivary glands and ducts but I said no and took him home. He had been through so much and performing surgery on such a weak animal and not even knowing what they were looking for seemed cruel to me.  He passed away 2 days later.  This is such a horrible shock to me that my Rovie is gone in such a rapid and painful way.  The only relief I feel is that others will benefit from my story and educate themselves and only purchase products from trusted vets.  My vet was hesitant to place any blame on the K9 Advantix since there was not real proof.  She could only speculate that he developed an aggressive auto-immune disorder that killed him in 27 days.  In my heart I know this drug took my dog’s life. I wish I’d done my research.  Thank you for posting this information. Best wishes, Allison

  • Lisabet Ellis

    I was explaining the Timmy Stones project to my husband, and all of a sudden, a strange look came over his face, and he said, “I’ll bet that’s what happened to Soot.”  Bear with me–this is lengthy…

    Soot’s story:
    in 2004, there were 2 litters of kittens born across the street from us from feral mothers.  They were just semi-feral, as the lady in that house did put out food for them, and they were approachable.  The kittens were born a week apart; one litter from the old mother, known locally as “Mama Cat,” and the other born to her daughter (or her grand-daughter? can’t recall which).  We suspect that they all had the same father, but of course that cannot be proven, either.
    From these litters, we adopted 2 kittens, one from each mom.  Soot was a week older than Munchkin, (and possibly also her aunt and half-sister).  She had not a spot of white or gray anywhere on her, and had a little stubby tail.  (She is seen as my current FaceBook Avatar.)  We took them in for their normal vaccines, and at about 4 months of age, the final set.  Soot appeared to have a bad reaction to the vaccine, and was trembling, and appeared almost to be having a seizure.  (As our eldest cat has epilepsy, [another long, sad story], we are more than familiar with what a seizure looks like.)  We called the vet, and she cancelled the remaining vaccines on the schedule.
    We had our beautiful Soot for only 4-1/2 years before she passed away from a mystery illness.  The vet ran every test in the book, and all came back negative.  The illness manifested as fevers.  She would go off her food, and hide, we’d find her usually under a couch, very lethargic, and hot.  I would try to cool her down with wet towels, and she had too many trips to the vet for sub-Q fluids.  She’d be put on anitbiotics for a week or so, would get better, feel better and be her old self for a month or so, and around we’d go again!  (This cycle began about a year or so before she passed away.)   When the vet got a new ultrasound machine, she tried to test Sootsie with no charge, out of professional curiosity…but Soot had a love affair with the food bowls, and the vet couldn’t see through her fat layers.
    Poor little Soot lost her battle in October of 2008; we found her on the morning of the 15th.  The vet did a no-charge necropsy, again, “professional curiosity,” and still found no reason she should have died.  She sent a bit of her liver to a lab, but I never heard any news from that, so I’m not sure–but was then going on the assumption that ‘no news’ meant nothing found.  No testing was done for toxins that I am aware of, given that she was indoor-only.  Her heart was slightly englarged, as the vet said, probably expected in an overweight kitty, but not sufficiently to have killed her. 

    Back then was before I ever heard of any such thing as flea control products being dangerous.  I will never know if that’s what actually killed our little girl  I still cry over losing her–she was the sweetest, most loving lap kitty ever.

  • Chanson

    August 2011 I was out of town and received a phone call from my son that my dog had collapsed.  He was terrifed and went and got my neighbor for help.  When my neighbor approached my dog, Diamond, she tragically bit her hand.  My dog is a very good natured pit bull that loves my neighbor, and, in her nearly ten years, had not ever shown aggression toward anyone.   I made a quick trip home, and, by the time that I made it home, other than some lethargy, my dog appeared to be behaving normally.  Ten days ago I saw my dog behave in the terrifying way that my children had unfortunately observed the previous month.  She stumbled around, had an extremely large amount of drooling/saliva, fell over, barked, growled, and cried.  She was terrified as was I.  The next day she was very lethargic, but otherwise her pleasant self. 

    I contributed this behavior to some health problem that she had acquired in her advancing years.  Last week I took her to the vet for this reason and because of skin irritation.  The vet pointed out that the irritation between her shoulder blades was due to a reaction to the flea treatment that I had used on her and that other areas were due to the fleas that the medication had been ineffective in killing.  The multiple test that the vet ran on my dog all came back negative.  It was then that I began to make the correlation.  The incident in August happened approximately 36 hours after I applied Adams flea treatment to her.  Realizing that the flea medication that I had purchased thinking that I was getting a bargain was  ineffective in killing the fleas, I applied Advantage on her in September.  Again, it was approximately 36 hours later that the event happened.

    My vet is hesitant to blame the flea medication but refers to it as a “possibility.”  My dog is currently taking Prednisone and an antibiotic for her skin problems and took an oral flea medication that has worked beautifully.  I didn’t realize how poorly Diamond was feeling until recently when she began to act like a young dog again.  I am thrilled to have my Diamond back!  I cannot prove her issues have been due to the flea medication, but I don’t believe that the timing was a coincidence.  It will be very interesting to see if any future events happen now that I have banned spot-on flea treatments from my home. 

    • Anonymous

      I am so sorry this happened to you, your pet & your son! I think you likely hit the nail on the head as to the cause. How is your dog doing now? Is the pill you are using Comfortis?

  • Kristy

    Kaya our now four year old Ragdoll Kitty , had a bad out break of fleas although she was an indoor at the age of two. We called our vet and the recommended FRONTLINE. We went and picked some up right away and applied as directed.  A few hours later we noticed that Kaya was not her normal, silly, crazy  and full of personality self.As the night progressed we noticed more and more that something wasn’t right . By morning she was hot, breathing very slow and like a toy Ragdoll, rather than a Ragdoll cat. She could hardly left her head, was very lethargic and blank. Getting up was hard she did not want to eat or drink and had not been to the litter box. Called the vet and they said it sounded like she was having a reaction to the FRONTLINE and that if she got worse bring her to the emergency vet as soon as possible. She remained in the same condition with out much change. I was sure she wasn’t going to make it. It was beyond heartbreaking.  I sat there and held her beautiful furry paw for nearly 24 hours.  We were so upset and angry that we trusted such a well known product , and one that had been recommended by our respected vet. The warnings on the box surely were not strong enough nor the verbal warnings from the vet.    Thankfully by the following morning she was breathing better, able to get up and move a bit, eat some, drink and able to do what she hadn’t the previous day, just a lot slower and without her silliness.  She slept and drank A LOT  for several days and seemed somewhat dazed. By day five, thankfully she was “back” with us and getting better  and stronger by the hour. Our story had a happy ending unlike so many. We will never bring another flea product into the house. I tell everyone what could happen and share our story with other pet parents whenever I can . We were very lucky and are thankful everyday that she was strong and otherwise healthy . She just celebrated her fourth birthday and is loving, silly and crazy self. Peace, Awareness and Happy healthy furry paws. Kristy, Ken and Kaya Kitty Hayward CA, USA

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I think it really helps others, but I am very sorry your cat had a reaction at all. I am glad that she made it. I am sure your love & support had a huge part in that.

  • CMD

    While my kittens’ reaction to Sergeant’s Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On Cat was not as grave as numerous accounts on here for different products, I was still in disbelief when the terrible symptoms of this vial ‘remedy’ began.

    My home had an uncontrollable flea infestation for months succeeding the kittens’ arrival; I couldn’t go a second without one of these irksome creatures hopping on and biting me. Neither flea dips nor collars were effective in abolishing them. My mother, while browsing around Target, saw Sergeant’s seven dollar treatment and jumped on this great ‘deal’. When we applied it to our kittens, in minute amounts, we thought it was just another bogus, and ‘harmless’, treatment (as the fleas were still existent in massive numbers). We decided to let the greasy application dry before proceeding to scour the internet for another possible solution.

    Soon enough, our kitten Selene began foaming from the mouth—as if she had rabies—and was abnormally reluctant to petting. She was/is a mischievous little critter and we just assumed she must have gnawed on the dish detergent packets left under the sink, a few of which did have slight holes. Thus, we placed those packets on the kitchen counter and persuaded her to drink some water. After this course of action, we thought nothing of the incident—until our second, well-behaved kitten, Oliver, started displaying the same issues. With that, my mother and I decided it could only be one thing: the flea treatment. We immediately bathed them and scrubbed off the remains. I researched the product online to find one star reviews and cautions about the horrific ingredients used in these type of inexpensive flea treatments. Apparently, a large quantity of the product was composed of a heavy-duty pyrethrin, which can be absorbed into a mammal’s bloodstream and trigger adverse effects! I was speechless as to how this could bypass the EPA’s so-called ‘rigorous’ regulations. To this day, I’m relieved that my mother put on only small amounts of this brutal toxin and that the kittens were eleven months old. If larger quantities were put on, or if the kittens were younger and more feeble,  I’m not sure Selene and Oliver would have gone without the tremors or hysteria mentioned previously on this portion of the site. I’m sickened that these deadly chemicals are used outside of the exterminator industry’s gingerly handling and that the factories dispensing these menacing products are not being investigated for improper safety testing on a wider scale.The flea outbreak seems to be diminishing, but I’m honestly too petrified to try out any other products that claim to fully extinguish them.My heart goes out to all who have lost a beloved, furry family member due to the artifices used by the companies manufacturing these horrible items!*Just to note, we did check-up on Selene even when believing it was dish detergent. We are well aware that ingesting such could prove harmful as well and have constantly barricaded the sink cabinet. Sometimes, though, Selene is too vulpine to be deterred from finding a way to open it.

  • Dchilders72

    It is a horrible feeling knowing I poisoned my mini dachshund to death. I remember her running and hiding from me when she seen what I was holding. I told her you will thank me tomorrow when all those fleas are dead and gone,we had used First Sheid Trio before so little did I expect what was to come. It had been several months since we used the product but when we noticed the fleas I rushed to buy the topical medication for our three pets,2 dogs 1 cat. “Weiner” was my name. The next day she was vomiting and didnt want to do much,by evening I started getting more concerened as she wasnt perking up. I spoke to Banfield where I purchased the medication,they told me to wash her with Dawn dish soap to remove the product. I thought she seemed a little better,I had been watching her closley her nose was cool and her gums were still pink. The next day she did not want to stand or even walk a few feet. I picked her up and she started urinating while I was holding her. I took her in to find her gums were turning yellow. It was Sunday so  I called and emercency clinic in panic.They told me my dog needed to be seen immediatly but they could not see her because they were in surgery and directed me to another emergency clinic in Akron. By the time she was seen by the vet and this was only 48 hours after applying medicine she was totally lethargic,had gone blind,liver failure and her body temp was below normal. The vet would not say it was from this product. She said it could of been an underlying disease. This is bull. My gut says shes wrong. I will never trust these products again.I hope my story will make others think twice before using………….Thankyou and I hope Timmy continues to improve……………..Diane

  • Hartz has been making products for over 20 years, the FDA will not make them take there bad products from the The Hartz Mountain Corporation off the market that targets low income families and individuals, because of the low cost item. Please post this cat on your profile if your are against Hartz, and join our group Hartz Hurtz, to keep updated on this issue:Put this cat on…./„,„/ your profile…( =’;’= ) to show…/*♥♥* that you are.(.|.|..|.|.) against animal cruelty & Hartz products ♥

    • I love the kitty profile idea! Hartz has actually been around for over 100 years & most of these products (except Comfortis and Revolution) are regulated by the EPA, not the FDA. It’s almost as if these things are purposely disjointed and confusing for people. What is the URL of your site? I would be happy to put a link on our side bar!


    • MORGAN

      What can we do? Isn’t there some way to get this on national news and have the CEO of Hartz come on television and explain the ingredients in his product?

  • Jeremy Haddenham

    My partner and I had a Siamese cat named Simon. He was a rescue that we found wandering in the park with an milkshake glass stuck on his head. He was a tiny kitten, malnourished,VERY friendly, and was a purr box after we helped the little guy. We decided to give this friendly cat a home with us. We fed him the best food with no fillers, he loved going for rides in the car always laying in the back window, we also took him to the vet regularly and found out he had a flea allergy. Just one could make his whole body break out with dermatitis. We used Advantage and it seemed to work pretty well. After a while, it stopped working. We decided to try a new approach. Adam’s Flea and Tick Spray. I sprayed one spot down the middle of his back like the instructions told me. Within one minute his little pupils were so large he barely had an iris. He was foaming at the the mouth and off balance. I immediately ran him to the bathroom and rinsed him in the bath tub. He seemed to be fine.. 

    A few months went by and Simon got really sick. He stopped eating, and he was so jaundice that his blue eyes were yellow. His fur even had a yellow tinge. We rushed him to the vet because it seemed to happen so fast. We had several tests ran on him and it showed that his liver was failing.  It was so sad because this cat was like our child. We had to leave him at the vet for 3 days. He seemed to rebound a little and then…. we lost him.  The vet asked if we had used anything different on him for fleas. I told him Adam’s. She told us that she had seen this before in cats, and was usually associated with pesticide poisoning. My heart sank and I broke into tears. I still feel responsible for it and that was 5 years ago. 

    • Morgan

      Your story just broke my heart! This is not ok…something needs to be done and quickly. These products are killing our pets – our fir children. Can you imagine if this sort of products/products were poisoning children? We need to get a petition going or something. These products must be removed.

  • Kaci Grady

    I had 2 cats and a dog when we had a major flea infestation years back. I treated my 10 year old cat Micky, and my 5 year old dog, Cookie, with a store bought Sargeants product and they were just fine. But my 3 year old kitty, Milo, reacted within minutes!  His eyes were bugging out and glazed over, he was stumbling and falling down. I called poison control and they said to wash the product off with detergent ASAP.  I did, and the severe reaction stopped right away.  However, he hasn’t been completely “right” since.  His back legs seem kind of stiff, so he “prances” when he runs, and his behavior is odd. He doesn’t just roam around the house anymore, he just claims spots to sleep/hide in for weeks at a time, then finds a new spot. Sometimes its the back of my chair, other times it is in a lower cupboard, sometimes its the bathroom counter or a piece of floor in the hallway. When he leaves his spots to eat, he immediately races back to his chosen spot like his life depends on it when he is done.   He is still very social if you are in the vicinity of his spot, and occasionally he will come out and just hang out with everyone. When he does come out he has no problem just standing in the middle of a crowd of big people and meowing and rubbing legs, so it is clear he isn’t scared of people/crowds in any way, he is just…off, mentally.  But we love him and all his quirks. He is 13 now and I try to treat his fleas when he gets them by using brewers yeast in his food because I am scared to use a flea treatment on him anymore, ever!

    After his reaction I did some research on the internet and saw all kinds of stories of reactions like Milo had. Mostly by over the counter Sargeants products! And many weren’t as lucky as Milo was to survive. I vowed to never use it again, even on the animals that had no reaction.  Then just a few years ago, we had another bad year for fleas. The dog had them really bad, and a friend that was staying with us at the time brought us a couple tubes of flea treatment he had got from a veterinarian friend. No box, just the tubes.  He wanted to apply it to the dog. I said ok, but dont be anywhere near Milo when you do and help me keep them apart once it is applied.  He applied it incorrectly because he was an idiot and mostly just smeared it over her back by hand, on top of her fur. I told him it was supposed to go just on the back of her neck, directly on her skin. But he was one one of those guys that knows everything and just ignored me.  I watched her closely for a few minutes in case she tried to lick it off, but she didnt, and had no reaction.  So a few months later it was time to re-treat her. This time I did it, and applied it the proper way.  Within minutes she was drooling and having seizures!!! She couldnt even stand!! This was not a small dog, yet she was incapacitated by this evil little tube of death! I immediately washed her with soap and water like I had been told to do with Milo years before, and she recovered right away with no ill effects.  I looked at the tube and had to really squint to see the stamped on words. And there it was! Sargeants! This was no product from a vet! It was that same crap I had poisoned my cat with once before!!!  Luckily, the guy being an idiot and misapplying it as he had saved her from a reaction the first time it was applied. Very lucky, because I had left the house shortly after it was put on, and had she reacted while only he was was home, he may not have noticed or known what to do! I shudder to think what might have happened!

    I am now beyond terrified to use any sort of flea product on my fur babies!

  • Macy

    At the beginning of this year 2011 my dad & step-mom had a stray kitten show-up…it was terribly cold out and it she seemed to be part of the family from the very first day.  I offered to take her in for shots, etc, as I needed to get my cat of 7 years done.  I took them to the vet office I have used for years & was told – hey they have a topical dewormer now.  Both cats were given this treatment by Biospot.  Within hours my cat was tripping over herself, falling down, and in obvious distress.(note: nothing happened to the kitten)   I called the vets office/tried to page as they were closed & frantically began looking online… I was SHOCKED to find that this was a side-effect – I called the ER vet place – whom were rude and said it couldn’t possibly be that.  GUESS WHAT – IT WAS!  $500.00 later – she had to stay over – had to be detoxified washed – NOTE!!:  This could save your animal – if you use a topical solution and they have a reaction(or any contact with hazardous material)  wash immediately with DAWN!  This is what the ER Vet Hospital did too.  My cat was on IV’s all night & luckily recovered. 

  • Morgan

    As I am reading these stories I start to see a common denominator – most of these people have had to take their sick animals to the emergency vets. Of course the regular vet clinic isn’t going to denounce the flea treatments – they sell it in the clinic! Furthermore, most of these cases are seen at emergency vet clinics so the regular vets aren’t overwhelmed with all the poisoning.

  • Gadgit52

    I use tea tree oil with a bit of oatmeal dog wash on my dag, and sprinkle salt in the carpet a few hours before you vacume. The salt suffacates the fleas and eggs. I used biospot on my dog and he was horribly sick! Tea tree also works on my cat, and it is good for his skin.

  • Dchilders72

    I posted a story about my mini dachshund being poisoned by a topical flea medication a month ago that took her life. Totally frusterated about what to do with with the fleas on my other 2 pets I have found a good old fashioned FLEA COMB works wonderful!!! Just be sure to wet the comb first so the fleas stick to the comb until you can dunk them in water to dround. I fill a pie pan wth water and a little dawn dish soap and start combing and dunking. I was amazed at the hundered of fleas that was them. It only takes about 20 seconds for a flea to dround. I have found bathing my pet once a week with dawn,vaccumming,washing bedding and combing a couple times a day the fleas are almost gone..This may take a little longer but the six bucks I spent on that comb was a life saver and my cat and dog dont even mind being combed. Hope this helps someone else.

  • Sunzx2

    I have 2 cats that had a bad reaction to Hartz Flea control. I worked in maintenance and ended up bringing fleas home on me,now my cats have fleas I was having some money problems and did not know that Hartz Flea control would almost kill them. At first I wasn’t even sure what was wrong with them,I rushed the to the Emergency vet and they did blood work on them and put them on IV’s after about 5 hrs, they removed there IV’s and told me they could no longer treat them because I had no more money(I spent $500.00 for them to be on IV’s for 5 hrs) I took them home in tears they where getting worse and didn’t know what to do.My boss called his vet and they had me bring them to her Thank God for Dr. Drake she looked at them ran more test for FREE and worked out payments for the rest of there treatment $900.00,after her findings they where put on IVs for a week, it was just horrible,they where having siezers,they didn’t want to be touched,they had bleeding sores in there mouths and nose, I almost lost them and it was breaking my heart that I gave them the poison. My Roo has made a full recovery from this but my Pea he is still sensitive to touch. This stuff is poison and needs to be removed from the shelves. When ever I’m in the store and I see someone with these products I ALWAYS stop them and tell them about it and when I’m done they always put it back. This stuff is not allowed in my home or around my furbaby’s not even there toys.

    I sent copies of my vet bills along with pictures to the company and ofcourse they took No responsibilty said there product is fine and sent me a check fo $24.00 (I tore it up). Please if your reading this do not use these products and if you already have I hope your babys will be ok

  • Sue

    A friend just forwarded this to me.  I have not read it in it’s entirety yet.  I got so upset just thinking about a person who could just throw away a pet because it wasn’t ‘right.’  Let’s just hope that human never has a disability.  Monday my husband & I just returned from a trip to Utah.  The highlight of our trip was touring the Best Friends Animal Society.  It is a wonderful no-kill sanctuary for animals.  They have approximately 1700 at any given time, and it costs $90,000 a day to operate it.  I was struck by 2 kittens who had survived distemper.  The one we saw could stand a little but would then fall over on his side.  His brother couldn’t stand but got around by rolling wherever he wanted to go.  The love these people give the animals is unbelievable.  Thank God we have people who are compassionate and look beyond a handicap to see all the love these animals can give.  Thank you for your work.

    Keizer, Oregon  

  • Mjo1985

    I have been searching the internet for the last few hours.  I used a Bio Spot treatment on my dog last Saturday (4 days ago). She started acting weird on Sunday, more so on Monday and Tuesday and tonight (Wednesday) we have determined that she can not see. She bumps into things and it just breaks my heart. We called a vet tonight and have an appointment tomorrow. We bathed her tonight as well. Does any one know anything about spot treatments causing blindness. I am afraid she will not recover her sight. She is a small 4 lbs. tiny toy poodle and we love her so much. I am so upset that this product is on the market and I bought it at Pet Smart! If anyone has anything to contribute I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your site.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve personally heard of one other case where flea dip caused a stroke & blindness. I hope your dog is okay. Please let us know! The place you want to go to for all things BioSpot is and email James TerBush. Let him know Claudia & Timmy sent you!

      I am so sorry this happened to you. It simply isn’t right.

    • Angela

      Washing the dog with dawn soap is a great first step every time! there is hope our Annabel was walking into walls ans seizing and tremors, she is doing much better. make sure your vet does the blood work checking all the dogs body functions, that will help. Good Luck And God Bless,

  • Angela

    My name is Angela, I have a cat Annabel, a dog Lucy, and Gilbert the Pig. I treat the dog and the cat with HARZT’s brand flea and tick. Well that wont happen any more!! On Thursday May 10th at about 10pm I treated both my dog and my cat. My cat began to act funny all night like she was wild and full of energy. It was a bit odd for her. By morning my husband found her about 5:30am seizeing and tremoring severly. We called the animal hospital and the first thing they asked was what new thing had we given to Annabel, our answer was HARZT! They said wash her off with DAWN dish soap and get her to the vet ASAP. That is right what we did, as we washed her she seizeed in my arms and stopped breathing for just a second or two, but my heart dropped. As we warmed her up and got the kids ready for the drive to the vet and prepaired them that me might be saying good by. she seized again and again. FEAR was begaining to take over!! When we got to the vet they took Annabel and started to treat her right away IV’s and medications, blood work. I was checking in every couple hours and there was know majors improments. The kids where calling from school and I was streching the truth so the would not worry. But I had no information to give them. By the end of the day the siezers were finally slowing but Annabel was not eating or drinking, and the tremors where still there pretty bad. Our vet doesn’t do over night so they left the IV port in and taped up her leg and we brought her home, with a long list of what to do for the night. The night went OK, my daughter and I did not sleep much we took care of Annabel. But when the vet open the door Saturday May 12th we where the first ones thier. Annabel got more IV liquids and siezere meds and muscle relazers. and by the end of day two she came home with no IV port but still was having termors and a bit wobbley. her blood work looked good execpt the mucsle numbers where 4x what they be. DR. Carolson said it was because of how bad she was seizeing and how bad the termors had been. As we made it to Sunday May 13th Annabel was getting back some of her energy but she was still having to many termors for my liking and she was looking dazes alot. she was wobbley when she would walk so when we would have to leave she would be put in my bathroom with her litter box and plenty of food and water. now by this day she was starting to eat her wet food but she had no interest in drinking her water. so we kept plenty of wet food in the bowl at all times! Monday May 14th I took Annabel back to the vet for more IV fluids and meds because she was still have so many tremors, the vet said it should be less then 3 a day it was more like 20-30 a day. But they where happy to see her with so more energy. Dr. Carolson and his staff gave Annabel more meds and said to watch her cordination to see if it gets better, and her balance, and that the medications they had just given given her will take slowly start to work as the day goes. That if the termors don’t slow down in the next day or two at most they want to see her back.
    Well today is Friday May 18th, and I am glad to report that our Annabel is doing much better, she is not fully recovered but she is well on her way. last night was the first night she was out of the bathroom all night and not locked in my room. So i guess I could have just said her first night to feely run the hole house. She was so happy although she still slept next to me almost all night. As well as today will be her first full day day not locked in the bathroom when we leave the house. Annabel’s tremors have slowed way down I notice maybe one or two a day, although she startles very easy, so we are carefull when we pick her up and approach her. She is still wobbely every now and then, but we work with her and are trying to get her brain thinking again.

    I know from being there that this is a hard scary place to be. But trust you are not alone and together we can help encourage and save and motivate, each other not to give and keep pushing forward when we think there is no hope. We can also keep spreading the word that these products if they don’t come from your vet, or if they are not all natural they are not safe!!



    • Angela

      This is our Annabel March 17, 2012

  • Auntfluffy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Pensacola, FL, United States</span>

     I recently had a flea infestation in my
    home. I must have been the one who brought them in since my cats never
    go outside. You have to take out a loan just to afford the flea spray
    and drops from the vet, so a well intentioned friend bought some Sargeant’s Sentry Purrscription flea spray from Walmart.
    I applied it as instructed. Their natural instinct is to lick themselve
    and,within a few hours I see they are drooling,over the next few day’s
    they stick the tips of their tongues out,start scratching and develop
    little sores everywhere.All four of them had different spots they
    scratched worse than others and when they scratched or nibbled it they
    go into seizures.One of them had a hole the size of a half dollar in his
    side from biting down when he had a spasm,I tried to calm him down and
    he bit down on the pad of my finger and nearly bit it off. My big grey
    male,Spooky, lasted only four days and was dead within a couple of hours
    after a violent convulsion,some of them are in the early stages of
    “being poisoned” . I am devastated seeing my beautiful friends go
    through this agony and feel helpless and guilty. I have no money for a
    vet to euthanize them so I just wrap them in a blanket and hold them as
    they die. Just when I think I have no more tears to shed,I start to
    cry.I’m heartsick that my sweet pets had to suffer because of some toxic
    poison being sold under the guise as a “cure for fleas and ticks”.These
    people know exactly what they are doing and these products should be
    pulled from the shelves and the companies sued. Please save your pet’s
    lives and yourself unbearable heartache by not using these

  • Caitiecundiff<span class="comment-author-location"> from Louisa, KY, United States</span>

    I just put hartz on my kitten about three days ago, the package said safe for kittens 8 weeks and older. This kitten was an outside cat and had a few fleas from it’s previous home. I wanted it to be an inside cat, so I wanted to treat for fleas. I applied the stuff as instructed and now three days later it has been infested with nearly ten times as many fleas and has a bald spot between it’s shoulder blades where the medicine was applied. I bathed it in dawn dish soap three times trying to kill the fleas off, I pulled literally over 100 off of it and still didn’t get them all. I don’t know what is in that stuff, but none of my dogs have been infested with fleas like this kitten was, and they have not been treated this month yet. Typically we use pet armor plus, but I happened to have the harts flea medicine for cats and kittens, that is the only reason this medicine was used. I expected it to only help a little to none at all till I could get a better product to treat with. I never expected it to nearly kill this kitten, and I’m still not sure it will live. 

  • Mcdee24<span class="comment-author-location"> from Monroe, MI, United States</span>

    I applied Sargents Evole  61 for fleas and ticks on my lab, on 9/3/2012, thinking this would be a safe medicine for my dog.  That night my dog started panting, which it was hot and humid were we live, so I did not really think anything of it. The next day he was still panting, and the panting got worse, he was pacing alot, like he could not get comfortable, his tongue was really warm.  I called the vet, and they told me to bring him in, which I did.  By the time we got to the vet his blood pressure was very high and he had a fever of 103.  They had to flush his system, and give him some medicine to counter act the Sargents Evole that I have given him.  I am very lucky that this flea medicine, did not do anything to his organs at that time.  This was a costly mistake for me, I will now only use what my vet recommends.

    • TinyTimmy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Portland, OR, United States</span>

      Thank you so much for sharing your story and I am sorry that you and your pet went through such an awful experience. Please don’t forget to hit the ‘REPORTING’ tab on this site and follow the directions to report this. This is the only way that change can happen.