Friends, Old and New:

It has been nearly one year to the day since we embarked on this Journey of sharing Timmy’s story in a way that would personally involve others. We do this by candidly sharing the ups and downs, triumphs and disappointments of his Healing Journey with his friends and supporters. We use video documentation of his progress, photos, blogs, articles and social networks like Twitter and Facebook. In just one short year, we have touched over 13,000 individual personal supporters and a total reach of over 23,000. You matter. You make this Journey possible. Simply by being here, you are a tool for change.

Almost daily I hear stories from people about their pets who have been harmed or killed from exposure to flea and tick products. There is comfort in knowing you are not alone. There is power in knowledge and sharing your stories with others the way things actually happened as well as the joy of recovery and the tears of defeat. These are the silent stories that weigh heavy on the heart. They spark anger, frustration, confusion and they also are the sparks of change.

You are not alone. The EPA has received over 27,000 incident reports in 2007, over 44,000 in 2008, and over 39,000 in 2009 from spot on, sqeeze on and drop products alone. That does not include those harmed by collars, powders, sprays, dips, foggers, shampoos and other applications. The actual number of incidents is much higher as many go unreported or under-reported, as required by law, by the manufacturers  (also known as registrants or stake holders). In other instances, there is no owner or vet reporting to the EPA. If you have experienced an adverse reaction to these products, even if the product states it is natural or organic, you can find reporting information here. NOTE: The EPA requested during our meeting with Directors in Washington DC in August, 2010 that even past incidences are reported. If your pet or a human in your household experienced an adverse reaction in the past, please contact these places to report it so that the EPA can gain a better understanding of the experiences of pet owners.

I want to thank everyone for sharing their stories. Your courage will help others right now and in the future. Sometimes they are very painful and almost always leave owners full of guilt… if only I didn’t do this or that or did this or that… I am here to tell you that you were trying to be a good pet owner, believing in “trusted” companies. One of my goals is to educate others before this happens to their beloved dog or cat. No one should ever have to go through this kind of pain and suffering due to corporate greed and lack of honest cautions, warnings and possible side effects clearly printed on labels.

To see the Tribute Movie, We Remember, honoring those cats and dogs who have been harmed by these products, please visit Timmy TV.

Altar Honoring Timmy and Oliver D Cat in Washington, DC

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  • Freefalling85<span class="comment-author-location"> from Dearborn, MI, United States</span>

    Dear TinyTimmy,

    Thank you for your wonderful website. Today I noticed fleas on my cat, and ran out to PetSmart to get some topical flea medicine. When I was there, an employee suggested Sentry, and said “it is the same thing as Frontline, just cheaper!” I bought it and brought it home. Something in my gut bothered me, like I knew I had heard something about flea medicine being dangerous but I couldn’t quite remember, so I googled it… 

    Your website was the first to pop up. I turned right around, went back to the store, and returned it. 

    When I went back to return it, the employee acted like my reasoning was no big deal. NO BIG DEAL. Because she already knew. And even though she knew, she still recommended it. 

    Reading the stories on this page, the tears are streaming down my face. I am heartbroken at the misfortunes and unnecessary death and suffering that has occurred, and these aren’t even my loved ones. Thank you from the bottom of my heart that you made this page, and that you are spreading the word about this vile and unbelievable tragedy. 

    • TinyTimmy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Portland, OR, United States</span>

      Thank you so much! It gets overwhelming in so many ways often, but it’s comments like this that keep me going through the hardest of times. If you are looking for alternatives, check our alternatives page. I haven’t added it yet, but Fleadom will soon be put on that page as well.

  • disqus_qpm0hSJnLE<span class="comment-author-location"> from Washington, LA, United States</span>

    I have used this company for years, and will never use them again.. I purchased Sentry Purscriptions Plus for Cats and kittens under 5lbs for my 3 cats. I put it on them Saturday December 27th around 730am. The next morning I found two of my 3 cats seizing uncontrollably. I took them to the emergency vet where he gave them valium. One of my cats was up and around but still shacking. my other one Tig however seized until 8pm that night. He is still shacking a little today.. The following morining after washing off my 3rd cat who was not showing any signs of being affected at around 430am I heard a hissing and loud mowing almost like a cat fight. When i got up to check on her I found her on the floor violently seizing, to the point of attacking. We got her to the vet who ended up keeping her over night. she didnt come out of the seizure until the following morning. We brought her home and she is till shacking pretty bad. Both cats are having some trouble walking straight… Both days i contacted the company to report the reactions my cats had, they did not seem at all concerned. they are sending me paperwork to fill out and puting it infront of a committee to see if the product is really whats at fault. And even asked me if I seperated the cats like I am supposed to after applying. I checked the box over and over no where on it says this could be a side effect or to seperate them. I followed the directions exactly like I have every time I have used the product. Maybe its a bad batch or maybe its the product, either way I hope that no one else uses it and goes throught the horrible experience that i just did. Thankfully they are all 3 alive but it could have been alot worse. I have videos and pictures of what it did to my babies hopefully someone will listen!

  • Janice McKay-Hiltz<span class="comment-author-location"> from Toronto, ON, Canada</span>

    TT, you are doing such a wonderful thing educating people. My heart goes out to anyone who is dealing with the after effects after using harmful flea products on their beloved furry family members. TT has such a huge heart and a very important message. Bless you TT and all the good you do. You have saved countless lives, that I am sure of.

  • Nancy Kolosso<span class="comment-author-location"> from Cleveland, WI, United States</span>

    We had been giving Rudy, an Australian Shepherd,
    Frontline Plus for a few years. However on July 13, 2013 Rudy had a seizure. We
    took him to the vet and they did all kinds of tests and found everything
    negative. I came home and did some research on the computer. We had given him
    Frontline Plus about 12 hours before. I knew that is what caused the seizure.
    The vet said no. He said he possibly had epilepsy. I was devastated. As the
    weeks and months went by he had several seizures. On one particular day he had
    5 seizures in 3 hours. We took him to the pet emergency hospital as this was a
    Sunday. They kept him overnight. We took him to the vet on Monday and they kept
    him overnight. After a few more seizures the vet put him on Phenobarbital. He
    still had a few more seizures and the vet had to adjust the dose. He is almost
    back to normal after 1 ½ plus years. He
    still gets anxious spells every few months where he runs and jumps and runs and
    jumps. This has everything to do with the seizures. Any dog can be affected by
    Frontline Plus and chemicals inother flea and tick medicines. We were just very
    blessed that our Rudy survived all this. There are many dogs and cats that
    didn’t. Rudy is still on Phenobarbital. He will probably be for life because of
    Frontline Plus. Merial has cost us a lot of money. All these chemicals should taken
    off the shelves and not be sold to persons with four legged friends.

  • Renee Romanelli-Irwin<span class="comment-author-location"> from Egg Harbor Township, NJ, United States</span>

    My dog is 15 months old. He was fine until his second does of advantix. Now he is on phenobarbital for seizures. He was have one every three hours. Does anyone know if there are cases pending against these companies who tell us this is safe? Please advise. Sad Mommy

    • TinyTimmy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Portland, OR, United States</span>

      Hi Renee –

      I am heartbroken to hear this about your dog. I know there have been issues with Advantix and they seem to be increasing — at least as far as people are talking about them more. I am unsure if there’s a current lawsuit. If you want to start one, suggest to your attorney to stay with Advantix only and also look into same ingredient (check for matching EPA numbers) products. I wish you the best and hope your dog fully recovers. PLEASE REPORT THIS. On the top of the page and on the side bar there is a link that tells you how to do this. Also ask your vet to report this through the EPA vet reporting portal.

      • Renee Romanelli-Irwin<span class="comment-author-location"> from Egg Harbor Township, NJ, United States</span>

        Ok. Thank you