Timmy’s World: Here you can watch and share videos that I hope you will find educational, fun and inspirational. Some are promos for events, news stories covering Timmy or fun things we share that still spread the word. They document Timmy’s life, his journey and his healing. Feel free to share LIBERALLY with anyone, anywhere, anytime. The more people learn about Timmy’s story, the more the word will spread and we can make a positive change.


~ Timmy


Be The Wave!

It is possible for all of us to create our own small ripples. The ripples will grow and join and become a large wave that can overcome anything. You can be a hero with very little effort. It just takes one tiny step.

Tiny Timmy Heal Me – Part One

This tellls Timmy’s story and educates about flea and tick products that have harmed tens of thousands of companion animals each year in the United States alone.

Tiny Timmy & His Milty – Heal Me – Part Two

A Milty Blanket is very special. The material is magical and has healing properties. Take a look at Timmy and his Milty!

Tiny Timmy’s Big Adventure – Heal Me – Part Three

Timmy goes to the neurologist! Thank you to all his Facebook friends for financially making that visit possible!

Tiny Timmy Heal Me – We Remember (Tribute Video)

This is a tribute to those who have been harmed or killed by toxic flea and tick products. There were so many entries that I will have to do a follow up. If you would like for your story to be considered, email Timmy with your story and a picture of your pet. It does not have to show damage. Please include the brand/product, name of your pet and what symptoms were shown.

Tiny Timmy – Ready to Tour – Heal Me

This is a 3 minute video about Timmy and the Tiny Timmy Tour Across America. It’s short to fit into the video portion of the Pepsi Refresh Contest Application. It contains film taken mostly when Timmy first was rescued.

October 14, 2010: KOIN News, Portland, Oregon at 11:00pm

Short snipet of the Portland, Oregon news cast about Timmy and banning harmful flea and tick products.

Timmy Tour Across America – Get Pumped Trailer – Pepsi Refresh

This is a quick trailer to pump people up to vote for Timmy in the Pepsi Refresh contest starting December 1, 2010. Timmy wants to tour the United States to educate others and provide safer alternatives to harmful flea & tick products at low or no cost to those in need.

Timmy Tour Across America – Whimsy Trailer – Pepsi Refresh

Another quick trailer, full of fun and whimsy for Timmy Tour in the Pepsi Refresh contest in January 2011. Timmy wants to tour the United States to educate others and provide safer alternatives to harmful flea & tick products at low or no cost to those in need.

A Day in the Life of Timmy – Heal Me

Timmy leads a busy life sharing his story with as many people as possible and sharing his Healing Journey with his thousands of friends on Facebook. This is fun look at how much he has grown, accomplished and the fun loving little furperson that he is.

Tiny Timmy – Invincible – Photoshoot

A little trailer highlighting Timmy’s photoshoot for the Week 7 Bissell Most Valuable Pet Contest. You can vote between February 23, 2011 through March 1, 2011 here.

The Story: Sara Ramirez & Tiny Timmy, the Kitty on a Healing Journey meets Grey’s Anatomy

Sara Ramirez sings The Story to Timmy, as he tells his own story of where he came from and his Healing Journey.

Kitteh Dance

A little bit of fun. Timmy and his friends dance Irish Style.

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