Welcome to the Tiny Timmy Heal Me Store!

We are excited to announce the launch of our IndieGoGo Campaign to move our soaps into a business where we can reach even more people! To learn more please go to our website Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap where you can find updated information and links to our referral contest, IndieGoGo Campaign and sign up for updates on our progress!

When can you expect Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap to come back?

Our campaign launches on April 21st and runs for 21 days. It takes 45 days from the time we order soap for it to be made, cured and for us to get it. You can pre-order on our IndieGoGo project page! You can also win a BaRkers Dozen (13 boxes with 26 bars) just by sharing our non-toxic delicious Dirty Flea Soap with the world!

I really need some Dirty Flea Soap! What do I do? I can’t wait until July!

We do have a few bars on hand without labels and packaging. We are changing our recipe to remove soybean, because the majority of  soy is GMO, and cottonseed oil because cottonseed as a crop uses a high amount of pesticides – exactly what we are trying to avoid! If you don’t mind un-packaged, original recipe Timmy Sudz (renamed Dirty Flea Soap) then contact us below. If we have some, we will hook you up. It’d still be cool if you shared our campaign or contributed to it. If you contributed, let me know and I will send you the original recipe bar at half price! You can’t buy karma like this!

Questions? Comments? You can email Timmy or call 503-ITZ-TIM1 (503-489-8461)






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  • sarah groeneveld<span class="comment-author-location"> from Grand Rapids, MI, United States</span>

    I live in grand rapids,mi and it seems you cant ship the soapies,my 3 kitties were looking so forward to these soapies and i the oliver d cat bracelet. could you contact me so we can figure something out. thank you.

  • Miss Sarah – I will email you. I have more programming to do to make the shipping work with the USPS.

  • Maureen Rothenberg<span class="comment-author-location"> from Valdosta, GA, United States</span>

    Sophie Rothenberg, a fastidious kitty who does not enjoy smelly things and has not had a formal bath since her kittenhood, has the following to say about Timmy’s Sudz:

    “itz true i iz fastiddius and i do not enjoy smellie thingz. i do not take bathz, but however havin gained a littel wate, i can’t tidy mai own back furz any more.

    mai back was greezy and flaky. mai mom did not like to touch it even and i was so embarrassed.

    but when she soapz mai back furz with *Timmy’s Sudz* i Purr.

    the sudz smellz like likkerish, but is not bothersum to me at all! even tho i objectz to most smellz as a rule. and mai fur doez not smell like likkerish after iz rinsed off.

    now we think i do not need flea medz put on me, which i did not like.

    plus mai back furz is shiny and soft again. wunce more iz ladylike and byootiful.

    iz a gud prodduckt i recommendz to catz everywhere who wantz they furz to be prettie and soft and wantz to avoid stinky flea medz.”

    thankz to Timmy and hiz Sudz!
    sophy rothenberg

    • YAY! Sophy!!! I is gladly yous liked its. Emily and Zoe, who is usually bath scratchers, if yous knoes what I means, alsos purr when dey bathed wid its. It shoulds makes your bottom feels much betters!

      Alsos, *headbonks* to mai buddy Smithback and I ‘spose it only right to gives ems tos Giles and Zatanna toos, onlys gives SB one extra for mes, k?

      NOMasDay Miss Maureen!

  • Maggie<span class="comment-author-location"> from Luverne, MN, United States</span>

    We used da soap on my dog brother oz and he loved it. it smelled yummy and made his fur shiny and soft. We have not noticed any tickz or fleas!

  • Heather<span class="comment-author-location"> from Monroe, NC, United States</span>

    Bella just loved her bath with Tiny Timmy’s soapie!! She smells soooo good!!! She didn’t have any flea or ticks before the bath, but I just had to try the soap out!! I love the smell of it!! It made her coat so shiny, and 3 days later, her coat is just as shiny as it was right after the bath. Thank you TT, and your peeps, for making this very safe soap for all of us. It definitely puts my mind at ease to know I have a very safe product to use on my furbabies if they ever do get fleas or ticks. Love ya TT!!

  • Ann Marie Gauthier<span class="comment-author-location"> from Lyndonville, VT, United States</span>

    Since you are out of what I ordered, could you please put me on the waiting list for the new batch that will be ready Oct 16th. Just charge my card the difference.
    Can’t wait to try it on my 4 doxies


  • I love this idea TT!

  • Myron Wood<span class="comment-author-location"> from Waitara, New South Wales, Australia</span>

    It has been well over a month since my last bath with Tiny Timmy’s SUDZ soap and I can promise you in all that time there has not been 1 flea or hint of flea dirt. The only reason Mum is giving me a bath today is because I stink!! Myron gives this product 2 paws up!

  • Alicia<span class="comment-author-location"> from Toronto, ON, Canada</span>


  • I searched Google for doxies and I found your blog 🙂 I like your blog, well done!

  • Sherry1062

    Can you tell me how you shipped my order? I ordered on April 14 but haven’t received it yet.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Sherry – We ship USPS. I will resend it. Sorry for the delay. I will get it out to you priority tomorrow and supply you with a confirmation number.

  • Jennifer

    Based on Sophie’s recommendation Ima try this on my Tigger. He has same issue on his back. I’ll let you know! 

  • Bunny_tracks96

    This is the first time buying Tiny Timmy’s SUDZ. Where we live the ticks are plentiful so I bought this soap because I don’t want to put poisons on my puppy daughter. I’ll keep you posted on how well the soap works. I’m looking forward to it coming in because of everything I’ve read this is wonderful soap. Thank you for making a product like this.

  • Coco Christian

    I just bought three bars for myself, cause Timmy said it’s good for humans and skeeters, too!  The furkids don’t like baths, so I’m waiting for the spritz for them!  Love ya, TT!  Meowmie Coco  xxx <3

  • Bunny_tracks96

    WONDERFUL! It works better than any of the flee and tick products from the vet. I love it! My dog pranced around the house afterwards as if to say I smell good. The ticks have stayed off of her. Thank you!

    • Christal

      I told you that you would love the stuff.  Glad your babies are doing better.

  • Magmortamoon

    I wish I could give my Leo  bath… he would kill me!!  He’s  25 pounds. with serious claws. Right now his fur is flaky and was greasy. Now that I am giving him fish canned food..( with actual fish in it) he seems better.   Leo da foosa’s mom- Lisa

    • Lisa & Leo – We are working on a spray for just such kitties. If you can give him a bath (they tend to calm down once the later is on) I think the soap could be very beneficial for his skin. I am glad you found some food you like and feel is making a difference! You can also try something called Flea Treats. It’s vitamin B for dogs and cats. I am testing them now. They take about 20 days to kick in though. I found that I have to cut them into halves and quarters for the cats.

  • Butterflies

    Would you have any suggestions for giving a very willful adopted stray boy cat (Hobbes 🙂 who barely tolerates flea combing, a bath with your wonderful soap?  I had two furry girlz years ago and they both hated baths, but the flea combing alone did the trick but I lived in NJ and am now in FL with a lanai and fleas galore (other than the lanai, Hobbes is an indoor cat…he must have been traumatized about the outdoors during his odyssey).  I think his serious claws and teeth would go into hyperdrive if I tried to hold him down for a bath.  Just giving him a pipette of the flea med last time caused a major scene and bites and scratches as has his two trips to the vet in his cat carrier, fighting for his life not to go in it.  What’s a cat mom to do?  I’d love to get my baby squeaky clean from those horrendous flea monsters. 

    • Everyone has their own methods! My partner prefers to use a sink and hold the paws together sort of cradling the kitties under the running water. I prefer to put a slip mat in the tub and put a few inches in there then scoop the water over them. I find with my hand on their chest, they can’t get away. I have two “shredders” and once the soap is lathered on, it has a calming effect and they purr. We are working on a way to keep the same effectiveness in a spray. If you search YouTube, I know there are a few videos showing step by step how to give a cat a bath.

    • Ed

      Clip the kittyz nails before you bath!!! (Seriously it took me too  long to figure that out….) and talk to them as much as you can 😀

  • Kisky

    Help!  I checked on my order of the Tiny Timmy Sudz 2.25 oz Bar 3-Pack tonight.  It’s been a month since I placed my order.  Tonight’s message said:  “Some items were removed from your shopping cart because they are not available any more.”  When I placed the order it said the product was in stock. 

    I have an itchy dog and four miserable cats.  Are you sending the soap?  Please advise.

    Thank you,
    Veronica in Michigan

    • Anonymous

      Hi Veronica! I responded to you via email. I added a few extra bars due to your wait. Thanks & can’t wait to see how you like the Timmy Sudz!

  • Judy Simon

    Hi TT!! Any idea when the Army Pendant will be sent out? We pre-ordered it a long time ago… Fankoo TT!! <3

    • Anonymous

      Hi Judy! That was all Aundria’s project. You can touch base with her via email at ithinkimoliver@yahoo.com. I thought she let everyone know what was going on, but apparently there has been some confusion.

      • Judy Simon

        Fankoo TT! No probwem xo

  • Morriganbf

    I gave my bar of soap away to this little pup that was found by the side of a very twisty highway here, she couldn’t have been over four weeks and she was covered in fleas.  After three baths, she is flea free and all soft and fluffy.  Oh and a bit larger now than when we first saw her.  I believe that your soap helped us save this puppy, whose beginning wasn’t so good but she’s spoiled in a goodly manner now. 

  • Brittany

    Timmy! I’ve been following you for a long time. My cats were flea free until we moved into a new house that is old and we’ve been having a hard time with the fleas so I came to your blog for helps! I’m so glad that you have soaps now. I ordered on Mar 11 and can’t wait until they come in. My cats will be very greateful. 🙂

  • Gail

    Would love to know when my product will arrive.  I ordered the end of March.  Thanks,
    Gail H.

  • Angelina<span class="comment-author-location"> from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia</span>

    Do you ship internationally?

    • TinyTimmy<span class="comment-author-location"> from </span>

      Angelina – We will ship anywhere. Shipping should be calculated automatically. If not, let me know & we will work something out.

  • David Pollison<span class="comment-author-location"> from Los Angeles, CA, United States</span>

    This looks like an interesting alternative. We already use Food Grade Diatomaceous earth as a pet safe anti-bug treatment around the house. it never ocurred to me that putting it in a soap with other natural ingredients would work as a flea bath.

    • TinyTimmy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Portland, OR, United States</span>

      Hi David – Mostly the DE is in the soap to help with the fleas already on a pet but also it acts as a bit of a loofah to remove damaged skin in a gentle manner.