Flea Buster Biscuit Recipe

A recipe for biscuits that help with flea control!

Da Teaser!!!

Hopes yous likes its!

Help Timmy do a Tiny Timmy Tour Across America to educate pet owners and give out free/low cost safer alternatives to harmful flea & tick products.

Our Sage

Here is a close up of the Wild Oregon Sage handpicked for our Tiny Timmy’s Sudz flea soap!

Rescue Day First Year Anniversary

It is a year ago todays dat I wuz rescued and came to lives wid mai peeps. I is thankfuls and feels so blessed. Since comings here I has lived a charmed life. I gets ups to lots of mischief and hijinx. Hee! I keeps mai peeps on der toesies and loves to plays and climb! Life is goodly!