The Secrets in Grooming Products for Dogs A guest post by¬†Shelby Gottschalk   We all love our dogs. We want them to have the best life that they can, and that includes keeping them clean and well groomed. But, did you know that what we use to bathe our dogs can actually be harming them? Sad but true, some of […] farewell. Pet owners angered by flea and tick product industry.

Dr. Steven Hansen of the ASPCA Pet Poison Control Center and his dubious relathionship with manufacturers.

While lounging on his Milty Blanket, something amazing happened to Timmy. He went to bed a special kitty and awoke to find himself the first place winner of Week 7 in the Bissell MVP contest!

Does Acupuncture Help Pets?

Acupuncture can help many pets and animals. Is it right for you? It's helped Tiny Timmy and given him a new leash on life.