Help us ban the use of dangerous flea and tick products: Open comments requested to ban the use of flea and tick collars containing propoxur.

The Safe Chemicals Act

This year EWG is leading one of the most important environmental campaigns in history – the drive to pass the Safe Chemicals Act in Congress. This legislation will revolutionize how we protect children and other vulnerable people from toxic chemicals – a long overdue change.

Call for Before and After Pictures

Looking for before and after pictures and video of cats and dogs damaged by use of flea and tick products.

Letter to Dollar Tree

A letter sent to Bob Sasser, the CEO of Dollar Tree stores across the United States, asking the company to remove flea and tick products that are toxic, including those containing propuxor, from their store shelves.

January 2011 Pepsi Refresh Voting Partners

A list of voting partners for Timmy Tour Across America in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Vote Daily! Updated for January 2011.