Updates and MEWS

As some of you know, I suffer from a chronic illness. Why do I mention this? Well, because it means I cannot dedicate as much time sometimes to this site as I would like to do. It means that I post not-so-frequently. I hope when I do post, however, that it is valuable to you. Here is some “mews” and […]

Washington, DC

Last year Aundria Arlandson and I went to Washington DC to discuss harmful flea & tick products and their dangers to pets and people with those who can make changes to the laws. We met with Directors at the Office of Pesticide Products at the EPA who regulates these products. We did outreach on the streets, speaking to people one-on-one. […]


BE THE WAVE! Help Tiny Timmy and Oliver and T.O.Y. Army make effective change in Washington DC.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) list of cancelled flea and tick products for the week of August 5, 2011.

Washington DC in September

Here’s the first teaser for this year’s DC trip where we will meet with the EPA and other decision makers! The date says in the video August 2011, but it’s been moved to September.