farewell. Pet owners angered by flea and tick product industry.

We got a FaceLift!

We got a facelift. Flea & tick products should disclose more information on use, directions, adverse reactions, side effects, and disclose all ingredients, not just those they think you should know about.

Dan Tilkin from KATU ABC News here in the Portland, Oregon area did a wonderful story on Timmy and these flea and tick products. Check out the video of the story here:

IKEA Hackers: GOSIG cat nest

            Ever lust after those cool kitty hidey-holes but can’t quite make the jump of spending upwards of $60 for them? Ikea Hackers has the perfect high-end solution with a little DIY needle & thread!!! IKEA Hackers: GOSIG cat nest.

NBC Philadelphia – Shame on you!

This is an email I sent to NBC Philadelphia when they ran a story about the NEED to use flea and tick products through winter and year round. I have a sneaking suspicion since I have now seen several articles echoing the same thing that manufacturers are trying to blitz this talking point.