Our Latest FOIA Request from the EPA

Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) regarding pet flea and tick products from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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The pesticide industry is powerful. In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s they even got the USDA to put out this ad, touting the benefits of DDT. In this 1946 video when British workers were trying to talk a Kenyan tribe into the “safety” of DDT, so that it could be used the area as an experiment in mosquito control. […]

Often what we read looks like an article, but is really a clever piece of marketing designed to try to fool you, the pet owner, into believing one product or another has more benefit or a better reputation than it does. Review things with care and soon you will be able to spot these “articles” a mile away. Today I […]

This push is on again this year, my friends. Each year for the past three years we have been able to travel to Washington, DC to meet with the EPA and lawmakers to discuss the issues with harmful flea and tick products and safer alternatives. JOIN US TO HELP 1. Chip In – The ChipIn System lets people microfund projects […]