Da Teaser!!!

Hopes yous likes its!

Help Timmy do a Tiny Timmy Tour Across America to educate pet owners and give out free/low cost safer alternatives to harmful flea & tick products.

Does Acupuncture Help Pets?

Acupuncture can help many pets and animals. Is it right for you? It's helped Tiny Timmy and given him a new leash on life.

Tiny Timmy Tour Coming Soon Trailer

Tiny Timmy Tour Across America - Coming to Pepsi Refresh in December 2010. Educate and give free and discounted safer flea and tick product alternatives to those in need.

Do your friends have a Hartz?

The legacy of Hartz Mountain, the pet care manufacturer, shows a dubious morality. Should you trust their science with your pet's health and life by using their flea and tick products?