Letter to Dollar Tree

A letter sent to Bob Sasser, the CEO of Dollar Tree stores across the United States, asking the company to remove flea and tick products that are toxic, including those containing propuxor, from their store shelves.

New flea & tick products are not necessarily safer, even though they package the same products differently to make you think they are better for your pet.

January 2011 Pepsi Refresh Voting Partners

A list of voting partners for Timmy Tour Across America in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge. Vote Daily! Updated for January 2011.

A Little Chrissymas Inspiration

Timmy Tour Across America has entered the Pepsi Refresh contest! We want to give away safer alternatives to harmful flea & tick products that harm tens of thousands of cats & dogs each year. VOTE DAILY text 104450 to Pepsi (73774) and/or http://www.refresheverything.com/timmytouracrossamerica

A Day in the Life of Timmy

A day in the life of Tiny Timmy - The Movie