Unfortunately, our pets are exposed to the many toxins that reside in our homes. The good news is you can help reduce and eliminate the different hazards that pose a threat to your pets’ healt

PetArmor PetArmor Plus tainted and causes deaths in dogs and cats. It's up to you to get the word out.

Updates from Washington DC 2015

Thanks to a fever of 103 & a subsequent suspicious rash, this year I had to stay home, attending our meeting with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)  via phone. However boots on the ground were Aundria Arlandson, whose cat Oliver died after his exposure to a flea powder, and our historical and academic adviser, Norman. Those who don’t know Aundria […]

NOTE: Perrigo now owns Sergeant’s Pet Care. I started this article quite a while ago, but never completed it. I’ll update with further posts as time allows. This is of great concern to me as it appears follow up by the FDA for issues with human medications has been slow. What happens when there is a “mix up” with a […]

False advertising lawsuit against Merial and Bayer for the following products: Advantage, Advantix, K9 Advantix, Advocate and Frontline.