BE THE WAVE has been our battle cry for several years. We believe that each of us can create change. Every small action we take is a ripple and enough ripples create giant waves of change.

Ten things you can do to help support Tiny Timmy’s Cause in 5 minutes or less:

  1. Sign and share with everyone you know this following petition created by Oliver D. Cat and Tiny Timmy requesting actions be taken to limit the sale of harmful over-the-counter flea and tick products and suggestions for changing the system to better protect our families and companion animals from exposure to these chemicals: Ban The Sale Of Harmful Flea and Tick Products
  2. Sign and share this NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) petition: Tell PETCO and PetSmart to protect kids from dangerous pesticides in flea products
  3. Sign and share this NRDC petition: Tell the EPA to protect kids from toxic pesticides in pet flea collars
  4. Watch Tiny Timmy’s YouTube videos, share them, rate them, comment and “like” them on YouTube. You can find them all by either searching YouTube for “Tiny Timmy Heal Me” or on Timmy TV.
  5. Be a part of the conversation on Facebook by joining the following pages: Tiny Timmy’s Healing Journey, Oliver D. Cat and Official List of Toxins Killing Animals
  6. Share your own stories with Timmy by emailing him. If you can, please include a picture of your pet so that he can include it in his next Tribute Movie or on this website, let him know what product caused the harm and what happened to your pet. Please put “My Story” in the subject line.
  7. Consider going to Timmy’s store and buying a “Timmy Bucks” package of his soaps to be donated to a rescue or person in need. The cost is $12 for 3 bars and we cover the shipping.
  8. Contact as many people at the EPA as possible via email, phone or fax. You can focus on the Office of Pesticide Products, Administrator Lisa Jackson’s Office and your local EPA offices. (The EPA regulates most flea and tick products and all of the over-the-counter products.) Note: It is best not to use a form letter, but to put your feelings or experiences into your own words.
  9. Talk to as many people as you can about the issue with harmful over-the-counter flea and tick products. Engage people at the store, your friends with pets, rescues near you or where ever the opportunity might present itself. Please always approach others from a place of respect and assume they are unaware. Anger and threats do not help the cause and discredit you and what we are trying to accomplish. Keep in mind there will be many people who “don’t get it”. We can’t get through to everyone, but we can get through to many and they will help spread the word as well. Change starts one person at a time, as a ripple, which gains momentum.
  10. We are working on different things you can download and print out to help raise awareness. Until we have that section finished, you can share Timmy’s post cards and bookmarks in his store under “Support”. They are specifically designed to be fun to share and open a non-threatening conversation.
  11. Check out Timmy Stones. Find them. Place them. Share them. Timmy Stones are free, lots of fun and open coversations with total strangers.
  12. Contact other government representatives and offices including local, state and federal levels to let them know you are aware of the issue and find it unacceptable. Note: It is best not to use a form letter, but to put your feelings or experiences into your own words. You can also use the NRDC Action Springboard

In front of the EPA Offices: August 2010

When you feel frustrated, remember, we accomplished in THREE DAYS what it takes most causes months to years to do. We had a very long meeting with Directors and the EPA about these products. We did this because people like you supported us with contributions, flights, hotel points and relentless calls, faxes and emails to the EPA. You are an important tool of change. If we can accomplish this, we can accomplish anything together!

Below are some posts that also contain actions you can do:

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