Dollar Tree Stores agrees to stop carrying propoxur flea collars!

Letter to Dollar Tree

A letter sent to Bob Sasser, the CEO of Dollar Tree stores across the United States, asking the company to remove flea and tick products that are toxic, including those containing propuxor, from their store shelves.

Help us ban the use of dangerous flea and tick products: Open comments requested to ban the use of flea and tick collars containing propoxur.

Washington, DC

Last year Aundria Arlandson and I went to Washington DC to discuss harmful flea & tick products and their dangers to pets and people with those who can make changes to the laws. We met with Directors at the Office of Pesticide Products at the EPA who regulates these products. We did outreach on the streets, speaking to people one-on-one. […]

Toxic Flea Treatments

About flea treatments: Flea and tick products such as spot-on, drops, squeeze-on, powders, foggers, sprays and shampoos contain pesticides. Sometimes they also contain IGRs (Insect Growth Regulators). Anytime you use them, you are using a potent and dangerous pesticide. These types of products leave residue in your home and expose not only your pets, but your family, to these often […]