This is good news for pet owners everywhere. I hope they will also add the claims of “safe when used as directed” as this is used chronically in a variety of forms, but actually an illegal statement. Why? Because pesticides, including those used on your pets, are designed to kill things. They are never “safe”.

A class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of dog and cat owners alleging, among other things, that Bayer Healthcare, LLC and Merial Limited regularly make false and deceptive claims in advertisements for their flea and tick products. 


Bayer and Merial make false and/or misleading claims about what these products do. These allegedly false advertising claims include that the products:
* are self-dispersing and cover the entire surface area of the dog or cat’s body when applied in a single limited spot;
* are effective for one month and require monthly application to continue to be effective;
* do not enter the blood stream of the pet and instead move across the pet’s skin to cover the pet; and
* are waterproof and remain effective following shampoo treatments, swimming, or after exposure to rain or sunlight.


This lawsuit covers the following products (and potentially more down the line): Advantage, Advantix, K9 Advantix, Advocate and Frontline.

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