Our Latest FOIA Request from the EPA


I am requesting the following records and a fee waiver. The intended use of these records is to prepare for a meeting with the OPP & to possibly inform the public via our website. I believe the following information is in the public interest for both pet and human health and welfare. This request is only in regards to pet flea and tick products.
-The last two years of adverse incident reporting available for all pet related pesticides divided by product, REG # and type of incident including the numbers of each.
– An estimate of adverse incidents to date for 2015 from pet flea and tick products.
– Any human incident reports of adverse reaction to a pet pesticide that the EPA may have from 2008 through 2014.
– The last two years of quarterly reports of all adverse incidents for all PetArmor (by FidoPharm) incidents as required by their conditional registration
– Registration jacket for Elanco’s Cheristin product
– List of new registrations for pet flea and tick products for the years 2013-15
– List of all cat related pet products that contain any form of permethrin as active or inactive/other ingredient currently registered by the EPA
– Any documents or meeting notes regarding a request for voluntarily removing permethrin from a cat flea & tick product
– A list of all known carriers (ie “other” or “inert” ingredients) for pet flea & tick products currently actively registered.This does not require product names, company names or other explicit details.
Thank you so much for your time. – TinyTimmy.org
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