Dirty Flea Soap Goes to IndieGoGo

Tiny Timmy

We started making our Timmy Sudz as a non-toxic alternative to harmful flea and tick products. Our mission was to sell enough bars to donate to rescues who wanted to switch to less toxic alternatives, causes that were fundraising and people in need. WE ROCKED IT! We donated over 1,000 bars!

An Idea

Now it’s time to kick it up and turn this bad boy into a business so we can reach even more people. Re-branding as Tiny Timmy’s Dirty Flea Soap, we are also changing our base recipe to remove soybean, which is primarily GMO, and cottonseed oil which is a crop that heavily uses pesticides.


To accomplish this, we went to the good folks at IndieGoGo! Check out our project and get some soap at below retail with FREE SHIPPING!!! Don’t need soap or can’t afford to help? No worries! You can still get Dirty Flea Soap simply by referring people via email, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and anywhere else you can think of! Go to our project and scroll down to the bottom to learn how to be involved in our WIN+WIN=WIN Contest!

Together we can ROCK ON and change the world, one small bar of soap at a time!

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