New Warriors Arrive

Warrior. Other than a basketball team, what does that word mean? At first you might think of a brave combatant, either ancient or more modern. But when you really boil it all down, a warrior is someone who throws themselves into situations, often against all odds, with their whole heart. Due to their pure spirit and bravery, they overcome the odds and prevail, often for a cause that is benevolent.

As we say goodbye to, we say Hello to our new friends, Broken Hartz. It all started, as it far too often does, with an adverse reaction. A Hartz product purchased at Rite Aid, the pharmacy giant, and the following correspondence are all posted on the site. Rite Aid was unresponsive, and Hartz was worse, trying to skew information in their favor. This ticked off the writers of Broken Hartz and thus the site was born.

What Broken Hartz excels in is social media, particularly Twitter, where they have begun the hashtag #BeTheWave in Timmy’s honor after the film we did for our DC trip.

It’s hard doing what we are doing. Often we are opened up to attacks from industry or plants from industry, but I think that the more people we can reach with honest information about these products, the more we create the ripples of change. Together. I am excited to work with Broken Hartz and enter the fray with them. Check out their site and their BH Warrior Kit.


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