On the first day of this month, the fabulous website, BiospotVictims.org was removed by the site owner. James TerBush started BiospotVictims.org in February of 2004 when his dog, Hammish, nearly died from application of BioSpot. Like many people, James purchased BioSpot because it looked like a similar product to Frontline, the product he usually purchased from his vet, only it was much less expensive. Biospot was applied once to Hammish with no issues, then again 6 weeks later. Within an hour, Hammish had his first grand mal seizure.

The experience with Hammish and Biospot took James on an eight year journey, discovering scientific data, sharing stories, writing letters to the EPA and filing an endless stream of Freedom of Information Act requests when his attempt to gain information was stonewalled by the EPA and others.

I have had the honor to share much information with James and he is an encyclopedia of knowledge. He has worked tirelessly and regularly these past eight years, making BiospotVictims.org the longest running factual website for pet owners about harmful flea and tick products, the industry that supports them and the government agencies (EPA) that allows these products to skim past any logical requirements for health, safety and disclosure. This is a very sad loss for us all.

The website, BiospotVictims.org is no longer up, however portions of it can be found in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Once you get there, you have to put in BiospotVictims.org and you will get 7 years of research and information. It is vast and well worth going through, page by page.

Since Timmy came into my life in September 2009 and I became aware of the issues of these toxic products, I have seen many websites come and go. Usually they are started by angry and sad pet owners whose pets have died or been maimed by these flea and tick products. Often they are rants and not well researched, or focus on only the one product that harmed their pet and not the slew of similar products out there. This isn’t a Hartz problem, or a Biospot problem, or a Sergeants problem. There are literally thousands of products out there that are dangerous and harmful to humans, especially toddlers, and pets alike.

Often these sites disappear as quickly as they arrived once the anger wears off. Sometimes we few who try to educate the public feel very alone and a lack of support because most of the visitors come to our sites when they have an issue or are researching something and then never return. I am lucky in that Timmy has a wonderful, supportive following on Facebook and Twitter as well as this website. I never feel alone. I feel like everyone can Be The Wave and make changes with our joint momentum.

James and BiospotVictims.org was a huge part of that momentum and the lack of the site for people like you and me is a huge loss. His advocacy for tens of thousands of people and pets that he will never meet is awe-inspiring.

I wish James well in all his endeavors and thank him for his tireless, and often thankless, work for pet owners everywhere.

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  • So sad that, for whatever reason, James decided to take the website offline.  I, for one, would like to wish him every success for the future, peace and happiness.  Thank you for all you did for the animals James 

  • It can be frustrating…. to know that years later the same chemicals that cause all this misery are still being legally sold…. and when we complain about them WE are the ones treated like criminals.  I thank James for the years and the hard work he put into his work.  And you too Timmy.

  • oh no, why exactly did he stop do you know? LOVE the new website by the way!

  • jan<span class="comment-author-location"> from Philadelphia, PA, United States</span>

    I am convinced there is no one quite like Jim Terbush.  His research skills and written reveals to EPA reps. caused them to respond never as they have had to do before and take heed regarding information that had not before been brought to their attention. Hope he stays connected to the cause as I know his incredible knowledge has made a tremendous difference.  

  • None<span class="comment-author-location"> from Walnut Creek, CA, United States</span>

    consumers don’t realize that you NEED a pesticide to kill headlice, fleas, ticks, chiggers and a myriad of parasites. Never found one organic herb that takes care of it. Anytime you try a new ingredient on a pet, as a pet parent, be aware that an animal can have an allergic reaction the same way that people can to a new food or a new medication. A doctor could perscribe you and me the same medicine that neither of us has had before, and we could each react differently.  These companies have the same studies to pass as frontline or advantage. ALL flea and tick companies monitor the amounts of reactions that vary from pet to pet. So do you want to take away these products and live life like 3rd world countries which are devoured by parasites, which transmit disease!? I doubt it. I have used all these products and never had an issue.

    • hamishdad<span class="comment-author-location"> from Douglassville, PA, United States</span>


      You are from Walnut Creek, CA?  The headquarters of Central Garden & Pet — the parent company of Bio Spot, Adams, and Zodiac flea and tick products?

      Why do you insist on labeling these incidents as allergic reactions?  The EPA considers them to be adverse reactions.  The fact is, your pet poisons have the same toxic effect on the central nervous systems of insects, pets, and people.

      It’s true, your pet poisons meet the same minimum safety standards that the EPA has set for Frontline and Advantage.  It’s also true that all pet poisons — including Frontline and Advantage — are associated with adverse reactions, including pet deaths.

      If you insist on selling products that poison pets, people, and the environment, the least you could do is adequately disclose the risks on the label.

    • Tiny Timmy<span class="comment-author-location"> from Portland, OR, United States</span>

      First off if these products are so wonderful and worked, why have you tried “all these products”? Second, humanity has survived for thousands of years with less disease including Lyme and cancer. These products have only come about after World War II when trying to figure out other uses for nerve gas. We don’t “need” anything but integrity and honesty and open labels. While manufacturers might be required to fully report issues, they don’t. Instead they’d rather put their integrity and honesty into paying people like you to write fluff with no idea what you are talking about. How’s that for attracting consumers?

  • Helena<span class="comment-author-location"> from London, London, United Kingdom</span>

    Fascinating. My cat had his first seizure within hours of Frontline being applied to the back of his neck. Now over a year later, he has chronic low blood sugar which is very difficult to control, and he keeps having seizures, hypoglycaemic attacks. This last month the seizures come more frequently and monitoring of food intake no longer seems to help. I think we are losing him. He had never had a seizure before that Frontline application. Three vets I’ve consulted won’t even consider the fact that this is responsible. I guess they do get a smidge of commission from promoting and selling the stuff (?)