We got a FaceLift!

For those of you who are regular visitors here, you may have noticed we got a little bit of a facelift. Our past site design began to slow down and be cumbersome as the site grew. Do you know that most days this site receives between 1200 and 8000 hits? It still boggles my mind, but also shows me how hungry people are for information.

If you happen to notice any quirks on the site, please report them to Timmy and he will forward them onto his web slave.


At the very least, if the manufacturers of flea & tick products truly cared about your pet they would disclose ALL their ingredients, including “inert” or “other” or whatever else they decided to call it this week. You might change the name, but it’s the same thing – shhhhhh… It’s a secret because we don’t want YOU to know. Even though they can claim these ingredients as trade secrets and many told the EPA last year they would “voluntarily” disclose them, little has happened in that department. You know how when you were a kid you told your mom you would do your chores “tomorrow” but then kept getting too busy to do them? That’s what this game between the EPA and manufacturers reminds me of.

Just as changing the name of modified corn starch to “corn sugar” doesn’t fool anyone, neither does calling hidden ingredients (or active ones in some cases) by different names.

Second, it would nice if manufacturers included clear and concise warnings, directions and a list of adverse reactions – ALL OF THEM. How can we tell, unless we happen to know, what behavior might be an adverse reaction and what is something else? Warning would include a little something-something about people with ragweed allergies (about 20% of the population) being at risk for exposure to pyrethrins and pyrethroids. And of course, clear directions would include something totally different that the pump spray that was used on Timmy. Those directions said “Spray for one second for every x of weight”. IT’S A PUMP.

Anyway, I rant. Onward, forward and keep the chatter up. It makes a difference!

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