Updates and MEWS

As some of you know, I suffer from a chronic illness. Why do I mention this? Well, because it means I cannot dedicate as much time sometimes to this site as I would like to do. It means that I post not-so-frequently. I hope when I do post, however, that it is valuable to you.

Here is some “mews” and updates:

In an effort to come up with a viral way of sharing Timmy’s story and tens of thousands of other dogs & cats in the US (and across the globe) we have come up with the idea of Timmy Stones. These stones are decorated by the volunteers of the T.O.Y. Army (Timmy, Oliver & YOU), who live around the globe. We decorate the stones and send them to anyone who wants one. These stones are placed all over the place. When they are placed, we log the stone location on our map. When others find them, we hope they will follow the TimmyStones.com written on the back and let us know where they found them, also placing the location on our map. Why Timmy Stones? The idea is that Timmy Stones, shared in this Viral Social Geo-Caching way will open the conversation about harmful flea & tick products in a fun, interactive way with people who we would normally not have contact with. Also, we can better evaluate our reach this way.

We have VERY EXCITING NEWS about our trip to Washington DC this year!!! We have confirmation that we have a documentary film maker who will be interviewing and filming us while there. We have a news crew (hopefully). Aundria has an interview next week sometime. We have several other supporters joining us this year. We have a meeting already scheduled with the EPA to continue last year’s discussion. And we will find out next week about other meetings, including the White House. We still need your help to get there. If you can spare $5 to help, please do so. We have a ChipIn here. Also a special thank you to Anna at Meow.com for donating 5% of all profits from this weekend’s sales to get us to DC!

The trip to our Nation’s Capital is coming up so quickly! There is much preparation. One thing for certain, we will get there and make a difference! Leave a comment with any issues you would like specifically addressed. We have been very fortunate to have this open communication with the EPA. These people do not have an easy job and change takes a long time. However, there genuinely seem to be people within the ranks who understand the issues or who find our input as “people on the streets” valuable to their decision making process and understanding of the issues and how the public views the situation. We are very blessed that they have spent so much time with us in last year’s meeting, have accepted another meeting this year and have spent quite a bit of time with us answering questions and having conference calls where necessary throughout this past year.

Aundria Arlandson holds vigil infront of the EPA building in Washington DC August 2010.

A small bit of mews… We have new soap packaging, which I will be posting as soon as it’s finalized. In the past it often has taken quite a while to get soaps out in some cases. This is because we do not do this as a business and make no money from it. However, we understand that people who order soap for their pets usually wants it yesterday, so we are streamlining our process so we can be more nimble getting them out.

I saved the BIGGEST MEWS for last!

I am proud to tell you that the Chitari Foundation has taken Timmy Tour and our educational efforts under its wing! Chitari means “meeting place”. The Foundation is in the process of creating a truly integrative, health-centered approach to healthcare and plan to build a hospital to heal people based on an inter-disciplinary and integrative team approach. One of the focuses of Chitari is to minimize toxins in the home. Since flea & tick products used on our companion animals also effect people, and deposit “unacceptable” levels of harmful toxins into the home environment, this was a wonderful fit!

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