The T.O.Y. Army, a group of dedicated volunteers in the US and globally, has contacted the Dollar Tree chain of stores after finding Bansect propoxur flea collars in most of the stores visited. We followed up with two letters, the second one is in the post Letter to Dollar Tree. We began this journey last year and had over 100 dedicated volunteers visit Dollar Tree Stores all over the country. They took pictures of the flea products on the shelves and filled out forms, including the brand, how many and the ingredients. We were surprised to find that Bansect collars, and made by Sergeant’s Pet Car, were on the shelves in almost every Dollar Tree Store. This collar contains propoxur, which is a known carcinogen and has already been banned for residential use due to health concerns. To learn more about propoxur and the open comment period (to July 15) for EPA consideration visit this post Help Get Propoxur Flea Collars Banned and Off the Shelves.

This is a GREAT VICTORY! We are trying to confirm this information since it was so short, however it bodes well.

Aundria followed up with another letter and found her follow up letter was bounced back from all the contacts formerly emailed. However, she got this response when she sent it again to the general email.


From <>
To: <>

Name: Aundria Arlandson
In December of last year, I submitted a letter to Mr. Bob Sasser explaining my concern with the Bansect line of Flea and Tick Collars sold in some of your stores.

Since sending that letter, I have received no response from your company, but did receive a threat from Sergeants Pet Products regarding a cease and desist order against further contacting you about my concerns of carrying the Bansect Line of Flea and Tick Collars that you carry in some of your Dollar Tree Stores.

The Bansect Line flea collars that Dollar Tree sold in some of your stores contain propoxur. California has already determined that propoxur causes cancer and that consumer warnings are required. NRDC is suing major manufacturers and retailers of flea collars containing propoxur.

Last year, I traveled to Washington DC to meet with the EPA Office of Pesticide Programs regarding their on-going support of the sale of harmful over the counter flea and tick products. This year, I am returning to Washington and intend to further discuss my concerns about the pesticides in over the counter flea and tick products that harm, damage, permanently damage and kill companion animals with the EPA, government agencies, state representatives, print and televised media and partake in a tentatively scheduled rally that will inform hundreds, if not thousands of people about
the dangers of flea and tick products that contain harmful pesticides, including Dollar Trees sale of the Bansect line that contains propoxur in some of your stores.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at

Please see the docket at


Thank you.

Not One More Like Him. Ever.


From: <>
Subject: Fw: Concerns about a Dollar Tree Product
Date: Thursday, June 30, 2011, 6:14 PM

Dear Mrs. Arlandson,
Thank you for your comments and your concern. We no longer carry that product.

Thank you,
Customer Service

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