Hai der! It mes, Timmy!!! I wanted to tells yous about a package I received frum Moderncat Studio full of all sorts of goodies! Moderncat Studio also has a bloggie called, ofcoursically, Moderncat.

I was smitten frum da start wid da boxie full of goodies frum Moderncat! Evens mai housemates gots into da actin and usually dey lets mes explore mai boxies firstly.

Mai housemate Amelia helped mes opening da boxie frum Moderncat!

Mai boxie hads several toys in its, but I only wants to reviews a few of dem now and da rest in a different postie.

Da ModKickers are kickers dat is made to da highest quality and detail I has ever seen. Truly mades for kittehs and built to last. Da materials is thick and has wunderful texture, while da kicker has a bit of a twist in its so it not just a loaf. Dis means dey is easier to really sink your teeth intos and moves as yous plays wid dem. Dey also has felt ends dat makes dems incrediblys intriguing for kittehs like mes.

Large ModKicker - I loves dems!!!

Da ModKickers come in two sizes – small and large – and I wuz ables to has fun wid both of dems. As yous can sees frum dis piccie of mes, I really loves da Kickers which has designer fabrics, felt trim and is full of sooper Organic Catnip! If yous looks close, yous can see dis large kicker has a square pattern. Da pattern is actually raised and very tough, like sumpin yous might use for high quality upholstery. Da felt tip end has a wavey cut out dat just begging to bes attacked by kitteh claws and paws.

Little ModKicker from Moderncat Sudio

Da lil’ ModKicker dat wuz sented to mes had a different texture. Still da same high quality fabric, but it had stripes and a different texture pattern. It wuz perfect for mes to carry around, toss in da air and ofcoursically to lick. Hee!

As sump of yous knoes, sump of mai therapy has to dos wid mes paying wid different textures. It helps mai brain learn to process different things and not bes sos sensitive to stimuli in mai environment. When I has a play session, I has lil’ carpet samples of different textures spread out and cuz I sos busy playing I dun notice I is using dems. Dese ModKickers are da perfect play toy for fun and fors mai therapy wid textures.

I wuz sooper surprised at da price for da quality as wells. Value for moneys, I coulds easily use mai Kibble Moneys and buy dese. Da Large ModKicker is only $6 while da wee one is $4. Considering we has seen sump upwards of $10 for not as nice quality, dese is a steal!!! Plusly, yous can picks frum several patterns sos you wills be sures to gets an elegant, high quality toy dat fits in wid your lifestyle.

Even Gracey, da foster, hads to gets into da action!

Even Gracey, da foster who staying in mai house wid mes, hads to gets into da action. She hardly plays when anyone is watching hers – I think cuz she shy about her weight – but she coulds not resist a good play session wid dese ModKickers.

Da second toy I wants to tells yous about is da Felt Rollers. Dey looks a lil’ oddish at first for a kitteh toy. Sorta like a big kitteh felt set of jacks, but oh how dey moves! Although they is felt and flexibles, dey is stiff enough not to bes wimpy – sos just right. Dey is stitched sooper well and again, dis high quality stuffs. Da nice thing too is since dey felt, dey absorbs nip sooper well and yous coulds stick em in a tub of nip for a lil’ extra sumpin-sumpin.

Dese ended ups being mai favorite. No matters how I swatted dems, dey moved in an unpredictables way so I hads to keeps on swatting dems! Again, it has a wunderful texture for mes. Da Felt Rollers is multicolored and yous can pick your own colors frum several choices. Da bestest news ever is dey only costs $5 for a 3 pack!!!

Dis is mes daring da Moderncat Felt Roller to moves... Go on... I double kitteh dares yous!

Miss Kate frum Moderncat told mes dat da Felt Rollers wuz designed to mimic da movements of butterflies and I must say dat I agrees! Dis like hasing your own butterfly in da house to play wid and yet not hurt. When yous slap it down, it springs up and I pooped maiself out playing wid it.

Yous can buys da toys and oder kitteh goodies frum Moderncat Studio on der Etsy Store. When yous buy frum Moderncat, yous not only assured to get sooper high quality for a goodly price, but yous alsos doing sumpin to helps animal charities. Each month, dey chose a different Kitteh Chartity to donates tos. Der mission is to brings togethers different designers to make handmade high quality alternatives to da mass produced kitteh toys. Dey wish to enrich da lives of kittehs and owners in a positive and fashionable way, but also feel strongly about using environmentally friendly stuffs and finishes dat is kitteh safe.

Moderncat Studio is an offshoot frum da fantastically popular kitteh style blog, Moderncat, created by Miss Kate Benjamin. Yous can alsos like der pagie on Facebookie!

NOMasDay Everybudy!



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