While lounging on his Milty Blanket, something amazing happened to Timmy. He went to bed a special kitty and awoke to find himself the first place winner of Week 7 in the Bissell MVP contest!

I want to thank everyone who voted all week and promoted Timmy and his Healing Journey. Timmy won the Bissell Most Valuable Pet Contest for Week 7!!! A special thank you goes out to the secret donor of the photoshoot for Timmy to enter the contest! (… You know who you are…)

The Bissell contest is one of the largest pet photo contests in the US and Canada, so it is quite an honor, but we remain always aware that Timmy could not have won without the love and support of thousands of friends across the globe. HE did not win the Bissell week – WE won it together.

By winning this week, more people will learn about Timmy’s Healing Journey and his story. Slowly, one by one, we will help educate pet owners. One by one, we will eventually become a wave and put an end to the abuses of pet pesticide products (now say that 5 times fast!!!) that harm tens of thousands of cats and dogs each year.

In April, the top 5 finalists of all 12 weeks of the Bissell MVP contest will go onto the finals. In the finals, Bissell judges choose the top winners. The finalists will get their picture on a Bissell box, a shopping spree, a Bissell vacuum and win money for the non-profit of their choice.


Timmy takes first place in Bissell's Week 7 MVP Contest - while laying on his Milty Blanket!

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