Tiny Timmy Tour Coming Soon Trailer

I has entered da Pepsi Refresh contest! Paws crossed, mai application wills bes approved and I wills bes in da voting for December 2010 for $50,000! What all dat money going to dos?

I wants to dos a Tiny Timmy Tour Across America. Da tour wills allows mes, as Spokeskitty, to drives across da country and educate oders, share mai story and give away free or discounted safer alternatives to flea and tick products dat is harmfuls.

Da money goes to a Timmy Mobile, customized to makes da trip comfortables and safe for pets, gas, insurance and hotel stay where neededs. It also goes to buy sum new and betters equipment so dat wes can document da tour and bloggie abouts its, keeping yous posted all along da way. Wes alsos wants to develop a special webbie site for da tour wid a searchable database.

To gets everybudy pumped ups, I dids dis lil’ trailer. Hope yous likes its!!!

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