Rescue Day First Year Anniversary

A year ago today, mai peeps received a picture of a kitteh dey wuz told hads a “muscle disorder”.

Dat’s mes! Dat’s mes in da Bad Place. Mai name wuz different den, but mai soul is da sames. Da firstest picture dey gots of mes wuz too dark to really see, sos dey asked for anuder one. I think I looks like I knoes I is going to bes home soonishly, trying to bes strong and hopefuls. I dids not has lots to base dis on, cept a deep belief dat der woulds be more to mai life than abuse.

At da Bad Place, dey dids not has a litter boxie I coulds get intos maiself. I hads to bes put up on a high bed and drops maiself intos da boxie, dens I woulds not bes ables to gets out of its agains. Dis is mes, in a piccie dat wuz sent to mai peeps to makes funs of mes, going in da only place I coulds at da time…  I wuz very weak and sickly dens. Da people at da Bad Place thought it wuz funny I wuz wobbly and woulds scares mes sos I woulds runs into walls, doors and suchly. Dey woulds has der big goggie chase mes, and has der grumpy kitteh beats mes ups. I felt like I dids not has a friend in all da world. Den a miracle happened.

Mai peeps wuz tolds if dey dids not comes and gets mes, I woulds be dumped into da forrest area behind da Bad Place. Dey dids not “needs” mes anymores. Of coursically nots, cuz I wuz very ill at da time frum da over-the-counter flea stuffs dey sprayed on mes and da pizza, ice cream, hot pocket diet dey hads mes on. But da Bad Peoples, cuz dey thought it wuz funny, woulds try to push mes around on da concrete like a broken Tonka Truck to gets mes to runs sos dey coulds laugh and laugh.

Mai peeps wuz not lookings for anuder kitteh. Dey wuz in da process of re-homing a litter at da time and already had a goggie and three other kittehs. But dey thoughts maybes mai “muscle disorder” coulds be helped and sos cames to gets mes. Dey thought maybes dey coulds helps finds mes a forever home. But dey wuz in for a surprise.

Da peoples at da Bad Place, when mai peeps asked if I hads any fleas, bragged dat I dids nots. Dey gave da peeps da spray dey used on mes, made by Sergeant’s for Cats. Da peoples bragged, “Only Two Bucks at Wal-Mart”. Da peeps coulds tells der sumpin more wrongs wid mes den just a “muscle disorder”. Da peoples in da Bad Place had said dey took mes to da vet, but den admitted dey dids nots. I wuz put in mai own room when da peeps gots mes home cuz I hads to bes isolated frum da oder kittehs and goggie till dey founds out what wuz wrong wid mes.

Mai fur felt dry and covered wid sumpin, which da peeps figured wuz da spray. I coulds hardly keeps mai head up, I coulds not stand very goodly cuz I woulds fall over, I woulds stare off intos space sumptimes while laying down. I hads a gash on mai nose frum running intos stuffs and getting hits by da mean kitteh at da Bad Place.

Mai peeps wuz worried. Dey dids not know what wuz wrong wid mes, but dey saw a spark in mai eyes dat said I wuz a determined kitteh. Dey flea combed mes and gaves mes a bath to get da spray offs of mes. Da spray dids not works. Mai peeps tooks over 350 fleas off mai tiny lil’ body.

When I got bathed by mai peeps, I just hung limply in der arms. I dids not has much strength. Afters I wuz bathed, dey tooks mes to da vet to sees what wrong wid mes. Just in case, dey brought da sprays along just in case. Da vet checked mes outs and saids I wuz suffering common effects of poisoning frum dis flea and tick spray and oder products likes its. She said she dids not thinks I woulds makes it 48 hours. Dey bathed mes again at da vet twice wid Dawn Blue to bes sures I dids not has any more ooky stuffs on mes. I gots fluids and da vet told dems dey coulds takes me to da ER vet cuz I neededs to be watched 24 hours a day, but she dids not thinks dat da meds woulds helps wid mai seizures or tremors at dat point. Da peeps mades da decision to takes mes homes and watch to sees if I hads a major seizure. If I dids, dey woulds take mes to da ER vet. Dey coulds not stands da thought of mes dying alones in a kennel at da ER place.

Mai peeps gaves mes mai own pet bed, which I coulds not gets intos maiself. Dey gaves mes mai first toy dat wuz just mine. (I still has its hid and checks in on its frum time to time.) Dey used a really shallow litter boxie for mes sos I could gets in and outs of its, wid a lil’ help at first. Dey held vigil overs mes for a week, 24 hours a day. Da spark in mai eyes wuz getting brighter. I hads really badly GI issues cuz of da toxins and alsos cuz in da Bad Place dey hads mes on a junk food people diet. Da peeps woulds wash mes several times a day cuz I woulds gets pee and poopy on mes. I has always beens a very clean kitteh, but wuz nots given da opportunity untils nows to shows its. I woulds gets very upset when I hads to bes cleaned. I wuz upset cuz I messed, not dat I had peeps cleaning mes.

When I coulds poo on mai own, I woulds stiffen ups like a board and falls over backwards. Dis wuz a seizure. Da peeps customized mai litter boxie cuz dey wuz worried dat I woulds hurt maiself more. Dey mades mes mai own Bumper Box. Dey used corn litter stead of clay litter cuz I woulds tries to eat da clay. I discovered dat corn dun tastes as goodly.

I wuz ins and outs of da vet offices a lots dose firstly four months. Da peeps gaves mes lots of fluids, pumpkin and supplements to helps mes detox and continue to helps mai kidneys recover and dos a goodly job keeping da toxins down in mai body. I is chemically senstives nows, sos dey tries to dos everything dey cans in a more natural way, which I seems to respond goodly tos.

I has even been to sees a neurologist!

Da peeps learned all dey coulds about dese products and I has become a Spokeskitty against dem and an advocate for safer alternatives. Dey wuz shocked to finds overs 44,000 cats and dogs wuz harmed just in 2008 and just frum spot on products.

Mai peeps told mes dat as long as I wuz determined and loved life, dey woulds helps mes in any way dey coulds to bes da bestest kitteh I cans bes. I has kitteh friends nows, especially Jersey da feral kitteh. I likes da goggie, Fiona, toos. I gets acupooky to helps mes and alsos is on lotsa supplements to helps wid mai various issues. Mai trembles is much betters, mai GI issues is doing goodly thanks to mai job at da Poo Factory and mai seizures haves pretty wells stopped.

I has dun so many things no one thought I coulds evers dos. Mai peeps never has said “Timmy can’t dos dis or dat”. Dey always let mes dos what I coulds dos when I coudls dos its. I has climbed up highs, I has leapt, I is learning more small muscle control, I has a noms off switch (unless it really goodly noms – hee!) and I loves mai life wid da peeps.

I evens wons week 8 of da Most Valuable Pet (MVP) Bissell Contest. Wes entered to share mai story wid more peoples, but mai friends mades mes a winner!

Now I is a Spokeskitty, like I said. I is alsos a Milty Pet wid da Milty Project and has mai very own Milty Logo. A Milty is a very special Blanket mades by Miss Maike to helps rescues and der rescuers.

I has mai own cat nip toys mades by Mimi of Catching Lizards. Shortly afters mai peeps rescued mes, dey hads a hooge financial change, sos mai friends has helped wid a lot of mai treatments and care. I coulds not possibly lists dem alls, but feels very lucky to has such goodly friends who believe in mes and mai Healing Journey.

It is a year ago todays dat I wuz rescued and came to lives wid mai peeps. I is thankfuls and feels so blessed. Since comings here I has lived a charmed life. I gets ups to lots of mischief and hijinx. Hee! I keeps mai peeps on der toesies and loves to plays and climb! Life is goodly!

Mai motto is dat yous can make a difference one kitteh, goggie or peep at a time. And sumptimes, things dat lil’ for yous to dos makes a hooge difference for oders.

*headbonks* mai friends. Until laters, make every day count and dun lets anything limits yous.

NOMasDay Everybudy

Tiny Timmy

PS – If yous wants to learn more about mai journey, yous can watch mai first movie below or in Timmy TV.

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  • Suszan<span class="comment-author-location"> from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia</span>

    Hey my little friend TT! You sure have come a long way in your Healing Journey. I am so honoured to have been able to share it with you and your peeps, to celebrate your 1st birthday and now your Rescue Anniversary. I am so proud of all that you and your peeps have achieved for other kitties and doggies to educate their peeps about toxic over the counter flea and tick products and other harmful things in their environment. Keep fighting the good fight! NOMasDay TT! Much love from Mum Suszan xxx

  • elli cat<span class="comment-author-location"> from United Kingdom</span>

    Hello Timmy,

    You are a very brave boy !!!!! Are you allowed things like catnip treats as I’d like to mail you some from England if you are.

    See you on Facebook




  • Beth Munden<span class="comment-author-location"> from Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom</span>

    I have read Timmy’s story and watched his video with tears in my eyes at his suffering and a smile on my face at his triumphs, he is truely a very special boy and obviously much loved by , good and caring people. Keep up the good work all of you, much love, kisses and cuddles to Timmy, I am proud to have him as a Facebook friend

  • shirley ross<span class="comment-author-location"> from Roseville, CA, United States</span>

    Timmy, Congratulations on your “Rescue Day First year Anniversary!”
    dis makes me cry so much that anyone could treats you like dats. dey very bad peoples, and whats goes round, comes round. dey is full of hate, so dey will gets it back to dem. you is filled with love, and just looks how manys peoples luvs yous. i’s in line for your #1fan. Keep on Truckin’ Timmy. Fly like the wind, becuz dere is nothing you couldn’t dos! i’s loves you more den this (puts arms around the whole universe)! gentle head kisses and a head boinks.

    • Miss Shirley!!!

      I loves yous so muchly! Please dun cries for mes. Sum peoples just dun knoes better and I knoes dat not an excuse for abuse, but insteads sends enlightening energies to dese peoples sos dey may see da suffering dey has caused to mes and oders. Every once in a whiles I wills flash back to dat time and I gets very grumpy cuz now I has founds mai voice – mai mews and mai growls toos!

      If I hads not gone through what I went thru I woulds not bes here, wid da peeps and wid mai wunderful friends like yous. I woulds not be ables to bes a Spokeskitty for oders who can’t speak for demselves. Da Universe provides.


  • Heather<span class="comment-author-location"> from Charlotte, NC, United States</span>

    What a wonderful story!!! Yeah, you made me cry, first tears of sadness for the bad peeps, but then tears of joy once you found your furever family!! You are sucha special lil guy, TT, and I am so honored and blessed to have you as my friend!! Oh, before I forget, Kali sends kitty kisses and purrs to one of her best buds!! We love you and your family!!!

  • Birger Felix Larsen<span class="comment-author-location"> from Herfølge, Region Zealand, Denmark</span>

    What a brave beatiful kitty – best of wishes

  • ale<span class="comment-author-location"> from Pisa, Tuscany, Italy</span>

    Timmy congratulations from Italy!!! kisses

  • RoseMarie Crean<span class="comment-author-location"> from Fredericksburg, VA, United States</span>

    Hello Timmy, my friend! Congratulations going out to you and your peeps on your Rescue Day First Anniversary! I am so happy that you have such a wonderful peep family who has taken such good care of you and helped you to become stronger and healthier. You are doing such a great job as Spokeskitty against those horrible over-the-counter flea and tick products. Love you so much, dear Timmy!

  • Trinity and Momma Jana<span class="comment-author-location"> from Tulsa, OK, United States</span>

    Hai deres Timmy!!! I juss wanteds toos says CONCATUWASHUNS ons yous furss yeer annivursree ovs beeins a reskooed kitteh!!!!!!
    Yous story awlways makes Momma cwy ans dis time wuz noes ceptshun…I fotts wees wuz gonnas runs owts ovs da Kweenex.
    Yous juss soes veries speshulls ans ans wiks Momma awlways sayds …Gods gots sums biggfull pwans fors yous!!!
    Its bees soes eezee toos sees His hands ons yous …giddins yous fwoows da badfull times ats dat bad pwase ans bwingins da peeps toos yous juss wens yous neededs dems da mossuss ans bwing soes muchlies heewins ans moors goodlies hewlfs toos yous body, sowl ans spirit!
    Yous a fiter mah fwend ans I juss soes bwessed ans honoreds ans yes evins humbleds toos bees yous fwend!
    Momma ans I juss wuvs yous…moors dans yous knoes ans wees keeps yous ans da peeps ins are purrayers ans yous nevurs farrs fwums ares fotts ans harts evurs!!!!
    Keeps fitins da goodly fite ans keeps gittins strongurs ans moors hewlfees ech ans everies days.
    Yous juss soes speshuls ans has suchlies a hart fors udders. Yous bees a shinins xampull ovs Gods wuv ans dats awls fings bees possibles wiffs wuvs!!
    od bless ans keeps yous Timmy!!!
    *head bonks*

  • jmuhj<span class="comment-author-location"> from Los Angeles, CA, United States</span>

    Sweet little man! We love you, Tiny Timmy — you know that already — and we tell anyone who will listen that if you have uninvited guests, there are things to use and things NEVER to use.

    Working and praying for the day when LIVING BEINGS will take priority over PROFITS.

  • Delores Barnes<span class="comment-author-location"> from Dahlonega, GA, United States</span>

    Happy one year survival anniversary!!

  • Connie Isaac<span class="comment-author-location"> from Evansville, IN, United States</span>

    Dearest Tiny Timmy,
    Oh honey we are so very proud of you and wanted to come by and congratulate you on your rescue anniversary date.
    What a little trooper you are and handsome to boot 🙂
    We are so happy that you have found your furever loving home.
    Good luck and take care.
    Lots of hugs and sandpaper kisses.

  • Susan Gort<span class="comment-author-location"> from Morristown, AZ, United States</span>

    Congratulations, Tiny Timmy, on your first anniversary. And so many more to come! Avalanche, Big one, Howie, Kovu, Kutawnnie, Kyara, Lisa, Sister Kitty, Topaz and Ziggy Fraud all send earlicks and purrs to you and many thanks to your peeps. Sassy sends soft woofs to you and your goggie

  • Shari Larsen<span class="comment-author-location"> from Wyoming, MI, United States</span>

    Timmy, it makes me cry that you had to go through all that, I’m so glad you are with peeps that love you know.
    Happy Anniversary to you!

  • Zoe Spumoni<span class="comment-author-location"> from Clearwater, FL, United States</span>


    Happiful Webirfdae an Amiberserwee!!! Cheerws to yo firs yeerw of yo happiful foeber!!! I wuv woo soooooooo mush!!! Woo is mi an sooooooooo meny udder’s heewoe!!! MMmmmwwwwaaahhh!!!!!!!!!

  • Boob Boobonivich<span class="comment-author-location"> from Quincy, IL, United States</span>

    Timmy you iz a blessing to all of us who call you our furrend. God Bless you. Love from Boobithy and muh whole fambly.

  • Carol Halbert<span class="comment-author-location"> from Jonesboro, GA, United States</span>

    Dearest Timmy:

    I met you on FaceBook not too long after I started using FB. I knew of your problems but it was a long time befor I found out that you had been so horribly abused and laughed out and made to feel bad. That really broke my heart. But I am oh soooo happy for you now…’ve grown into a big grown up kitteh, powerful and strong and you are getting better by the day, especially since you have found your acupooky treatments!!! I am thankful, just as you are, that life is so goodly for you now!!!! It’s the way it should be and your peeps are as lucky they found you as you are that you found them!!!!! I love you soooo much and am excited everyday to hear of your continuing progress!!!! You have had one heck of a first year….from sickly to powerful!!! Thank your peeps and God for that my dear!!!! I’m so glad I found you, too!!!!! Love and kisses, forever and ever!!!

    Aunt Carol…

  • Mousie Kitteh<span class="comment-author-location"> from Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand</span>

    I is so proud of u Timmy! U is so strong and inspirational and bootiful. I is very happy to beable to call u mah frend <3


  • Thank yous so muchly everybudy for coming and sharing mai day wid mes!!! I realized dat I can’t reply to individuals comments, which is sumpin I wills hasta figures outs on mai end wid da bloggie.

    YOU is all part of mai Healing Journey cuz widouts YOUS dis woulds nots be possibles.


    NOMasDay Everybudy


  • Velvet Cole<span class="comment-author-location"> from Clinton, KY, United States</span>

    Hello, sweet prince. Every time I read your story I get tears in my eyes from what you suffered in the bad place, and how happy you are in the new place with the new and fantabulous peeps. Last night I watched your first video for the first time (don’t know how I missed it before!) and you could see even then you were destined for greatness! Sending you telepathic head scritches, chinny scritches and nose rubs!

    Love you, sweetheart,

    Miss Velvet

    • Miss Velvet!!! I is so gladly to sees yous heres on mai bloggie!!! Do yous knoes I has 3 movies? Da first one tells mai story a bit mores, da second is abouts mes and mai Milty Blanket and da third is abouts mai trip to da neurologist. Den I has mai Tribute video toos.

      Shakespeare said, “Some are born great. Some are made great. And some have greatness thrust upon them.” Which one dos yous thinks I is? Hee!


  • Judi<span class="comment-author-location"> from Daceyville, New South Wales, Australia</span>

    Hey beautiful boy. I know we don’t talk to eachother much anymore but we do still think of you and want you to know how proud we are of you.
    Stay well precious boy.

    love from Grandpaw TimTam and Miss Judi xoxo

  • Danielle A. Engle<span class="comment-author-location"> from Marshall, MN, United States</span>

    Dear Tiny Timmy,

    My little ones and I are so blessed by your presence in this world we share. As you know, we’re all rescues, too – one human with a traumatic brain injury, two rescued cats and a rescued puppy mill momma now trained as my service dog. We’re here today, tomorrow and many more tomorrows, Tiny Timmy because this what friends and family do. Please give your humans a headbonk from us and then ask for one back from us to you.

    Danielle, Lucy, Jazz and Misty

    • Miss Danielle, Lucy, Jazz & Misty,

      I admires yous all so muchly cuz yous goes out into da world and dos goodly things for peeps and animals everywheres. If everybudy woulds do just one thing, even if it seems lil’, dis world woulds be an amazing place… Wells, it is an amazing place already, but yous knoes. It woulds increase in amazingness a hundred times overs!

      NOMasDay! and mai *headbonks* to yous alls!

  • Gillian Arnott<span class="comment-author-location"> from London, London, United Kingdom</span>

    We love you Timmy, you are such a true inspiration. We simply love you to bits – what more can we say? Congratulations my friend on reaching your first birthday / anniversary. May there be masses more of them still to come. Love you love you darling boy, keep up the great work. xxx Gillian, Zelda & Zoffy.

  • clara<span class="comment-author-location"> from Smyrna, GA, United States</span>

    Tims, mes goodly friend…tanks so muchly for youses storyful. Mes foundeds yous just dis springfuls, affer mes 13 years old goggie reactfulsed to dat awflly stuffs. Mes didn’ts knows youses full story, about dos badful peeps. how dares day, makes fun of yous. mes hopes dey better to day utter petfuls. mes knows da goodly lord sents dese your peeps to gets you for goodly reasons. and yous has all been suches a successfuls in educationals utter peeps, even goings to da EPA, makin dem lissens to yous. mes is tankfuls dey haves faiths in yous, and dat yous has de determinationals to keeps goings. yous is so inspirationals to all of usses. yous is a real angelics. mes luvs yous so muchly. God blessful yous and youses peeps always.

  • Maria Cecilia<span class="comment-author-location"> from Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina</span>

    Dearest Timmy…
    The first day I read your story; I didn´t know about the toxic fleas products causing a lot of suffering in dogs and cats. We (my kitties and I) live in Argentina, were many fleas products (such as powders,for example are not available anymore). I´m so proud to be your friend; you´re a brave kitty and you have a wonderful family who loves you very,very much.
    You and your family are speaking for many other kitties and doggies that were not able to speak. That´s a great and priceless job. I have learnt so much from you and it fills my heart with joy to see the video of you playing and having fun like all the kitties love to do.
    God bless you and your family,sweetie. All my love goes to you today and always…

  • mary<span class="comment-author-location"> from Staten Island, NY, United States</span>

    Congrats on your first adoptiveversary. I love when cats get forever homes

  • Sandra Paul<span class="comment-author-location"> from Newmarket, Queensland, Australia</span>

    Hello Timmy, You look really well and adorable it is good that you have nice people looking after you and love you very much watching your movie made me realise how dangerous some products can be.and how much fun you were having with the mouse all the best for the future love Sandra

  • Gail Ellis<span class="comment-author-location"> from Rotonda West, FL, United States</span>

    Timmy, you are truly a beautiful, amazing, wonderful kitty. You are such and inspiration! Your family is very lucky, and they love you so much. Am so happy you found your forever home. You have so many friends and admirers (including me, Perry and Herbie) who all love you so much. You are the best, Timmy. I love you.

  • What a brave kitty you’ve been. What amazing and dedicated peeps you have. You look great. Happy anniversary with your peeps. I wish you all many happy and healthier years to come!

  • And many more years to come!

    You are very brave and strong and your people are AMAZING. I hope lots of kitties and doggies can be saved from these products with your Spokeskitty help.

  • Ninja & his peeps<span class="comment-author-location"> from Los Angeles, CA, United States</span>

    Hey Tiny Timmy Tornado!

    Just stopping in to say CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Anniversary. You has been such a brave boy & an inspiration to us all.

    We is so happy we found you on FB. Mommy remembers da first time she read your story…her eyes was leakings & she got so mad about da bad peoples. But she decided it was best to put our anger into a better energy & put that energy into halpings you. We educated ourselves on da toxic OTC products & understood how importants it was to protect furbabies world wide. You & your peeps is so generous & selfless in sharing your story so other pet parents & human valets can prevent dis from happenings to their kittehs & doggies.

    We pledge to continue halpings you get da word out. We’s so purroud of your progress! We purr & pray & send hugs & healing thoughts as you continue your journey. It be’s a HUGE blessing to call you furriend.

    Happy Anniversary – here’s to many more. We love you, Timmy!!!

    =Ninja= & family

  • Happy, happy rebirthday, Timmy! You’re such a wonderful, strong, sweet little kitty! Thank you for being a spokescat for the dangers of cheap over-the-counter flea products.

    It makes all three of us hiss and spit to think how horribly the people at the Bad Place treated you, but we’re so, so glad you now live in a loving forever home with people who will treat you like the royalty you are for the rest of your life.

    Purrs, headbonks, and ear-licks,
    Siouxsie, Thomas, and Dahlia — the Paws and Effect Gang

  • dovemck<span class="comment-author-location"> from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia</span>

    Happy Anniversary Timmy and please say thank you to your hoomans from me. Good brave souls all of you. Ceiling cat has been watching over you.
    Love from Australia
    dove, Boofy & Denni

  • Lizzie<span class="comment-author-location"> from Oakridge, OR, United States</span>

    U go Tiny Timmy!!!!

  • Julie<span class="comment-author-location"> from Pittsburgh, PA, United States</span>

    Happy Anniversary, Timmy. We are so proud of you and we love you the ultimatest mostest!!!

    Your kitty friends,
    Doobie, Timmy, Jimbo, Sammy, Lily, Mia, Romy, and Mikayla

  • Timmy, you are an inspiration! I am so proud of you for all that you have done, and imagine all the kitties you are helping by spreading the word about those dangerous products.

  • Judy Simon<span class="comment-author-location"> from Cincinnati, OH, United States</span>

    Timmy, I am so glad you are getting better everyday! I watch & watch your videos with tears in my eyes, thinking “who could do this?” But then I smile, seeing you are doing beter each & everyday! You are a true inspiration to humans and animals alike! I love visiting your page & reading all your posts. I love you like you are my own! Everytime i look at my Tux, i see you. He is built like you, unlike his huge broder, Orca. So sweet & loving, just like you! I would love you to win the picture contest, I would love to buy it! love & headbonks** Simon Kittehz

  • Misty Woo Engle<span class="comment-author-location"> from Marshall, MN, United States</span>

    Tiny Timmy, as you know, I came from a puppy mill. An anonymous guardian angel rescued me and my friends from a dog auction in Minnesota. When my human adopted me, she discovered that I wasn’t fully vetted by the rescue group’s vet. They spayed me, brushed my teeth and sent me home to my foster parents. My human took me first to the groomer who cleared my ears of wax. Next we visited the vet for ear infection in both ears. Once this cleared we discovered 3 polyps in one ear which necessitates careful cleansing and checking of my ear. I have GI problems from the puppy mill, requiring a special diet. The ER vet discovered a scar on my trachea which he thinks was caused by an untreated airborne respiratory infection during my time in the puppy mill. I cough and sometimes choke when I drink water.

    I was underweight and lacked muscle tone when my human adopted me. Now I am strong from a good diet and medical care along with our over 200 miles of walking in area parks since May 2010. Mom uses all natural products to keep me free of fleas and ticks. My allergies have improved since I was adopted because my human sees to it that I am protected from harmful chemicals such as those that hurt you.

    You asked for our stories so this is mine. Love you, Tiny Timmy!

    Misty Woo

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  • Nydia White<span class="comment-author-location"> from Issaquah, WA, United States</span>

    Timmy, one of the greatest kitties I have ever met!!! I love you very much and I am honored to be your friend. I am so glad that you got out of the bad place and found a home with your peeps. I can’t imagine this world without you. You have really done good things with your second chance. You are a champion for so many – and a friend to all. I love you Timmy!!

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  • Timmy, those people should rot for what they did. Thank you to your loving peeps for looking after you!