Rescue Day First Year Anniversary

A year ago today, mai peeps received a picture of a kitteh dey wuz told hads a “muscle disorder”.

Dat’s mes! Dat’s mes in da Bad Place. Mai name wuz different den, but mai soul is da sames. Da firstest picture dey gots of mes wuz too dark to really see, sos dey asked for anuder one. I think I looks like I knoes I is going to bes home soonishly, trying to bes strong and hopefuls. I dids not has lots to base dis on, cept a deep belief dat der woulds be more to mai life than abuse.

At da Bad Place, dey dids not has a litter boxie I coulds get intos maiself. I hads to bes put up on a high bed and drops maiself intos da boxie, dens I woulds not bes ables to gets out of its agains. Dis is mes, in a piccie dat wuz sent to mai peeps to makes funs of mes, going in da only place I coulds at da time…  I wuz very weak and sickly dens. Da people at da Bad Place thought it wuz funny I wuz wobbly and woulds scares mes sos I woulds runs into walls, doors and suchly. Dey woulds has der big goggie chase mes, and has der grumpy kitteh beats mes ups. I felt like I dids not has a friend in all da world. Den a miracle happened.

Mai peeps wuz tolds if dey dids not comes and gets mes, I woulds be dumped into da forrest area behind da Bad Place. Dey dids not “needs” mes anymores. Of coursically nots, cuz I wuz very ill at da time frum da over-the-counter flea stuffs dey sprayed on mes and da pizza, ice cream, hot pocket diet dey hads mes on. But da Bad Peoples, cuz dey thought it wuz funny, woulds try to push mes around on da concrete like a broken Tonka Truck to gets mes to runs sos dey coulds laugh and laugh.

Mai peeps wuz not lookings for anuder kitteh. Dey wuz in da process of re-homing a litter at da time and already had a goggie and three other kittehs. But dey thoughts maybes mai “muscle disorder” coulds be helped and sos cames to gets mes. Dey thought maybes dey coulds helps finds mes a forever home. But dey wuz in for a surprise.

Da peoples at da Bad Place, when mai peeps asked if I hads any fleas, bragged dat I dids nots. Dey gave da peeps da spray dey used on mes, made by Sergeant’s for Cats. Da peoples bragged, “Only Two Bucks at Wal-Mart”. Da peeps coulds tells der sumpin more wrongs wid mes den just a “muscle disorder”. Da peoples in da Bad Place had said dey took mes to da vet, but den admitted dey dids nots. I wuz put in mai own room when da peeps gots mes home cuz I hads to bes isolated frum da oder kittehs and goggie till dey founds out what wuz wrong wid mes.

Mai fur felt dry and covered wid sumpin, which da peeps figured wuz da spray. I coulds hardly keeps mai head up, I coulds not stand very goodly cuz I woulds fall over, I woulds stare off intos space sumptimes while laying down. I hads a gash on mai nose frum running intos stuffs and getting hits by da mean kitteh at da Bad Place.

Mai peeps wuz worried. Dey dids not know what wuz wrong wid mes, but dey saw a spark in mai eyes dat said I wuz a determined kitteh. Dey flea combed mes and gaves mes a bath to get da spray offs of mes. Da spray dids not works. Mai peeps tooks over 350 fleas off mai tiny lil’ body.

When I got bathed by mai peeps, I just hung limply in der arms. I dids not has much strength. Afters I wuz bathed, dey tooks mes to da vet to sees what wrong wid mes. Just in case, dey brought da sprays along just in case. Da vet checked mes outs and saids I wuz suffering common effects of poisoning frum dis flea and tick spray and oder products likes its. She said she dids not thinks I woulds makes it 48 hours. Dey bathed mes again at da vet twice wid Dawn Blue to bes sures I dids not has any more ooky stuffs on mes. I gots fluids and da vet told dems dey coulds takes me to da ER vet cuz I neededs to be watched 24 hours a day, but she dids not thinks dat da meds woulds helps wid mai seizures or tremors at dat point. Da peeps mades da decision to takes mes homes and watch to sees if I hads a major seizure. If I dids, dey woulds take mes to da ER vet. Dey coulds not stands da thought of mes dying alones in a kennel at da ER place.

Mai peeps gaves mes mai own pet bed, which I coulds not gets intos maiself. Dey gaves mes mai first toy dat wuz just mine. (I still has its hid and checks in on its frum time to time.) Dey used a really shallow litter boxie for mes sos I could gets in and outs of its, wid a lil’ help at first. Dey held vigil overs mes for a week, 24 hours a day. Da spark in mai eyes wuz getting brighter. I hads really badly GI issues cuz of da toxins and alsos cuz in da Bad Place dey hads mes on a junk food people diet. Da peeps woulds wash mes several times a day cuz I woulds gets pee and poopy on mes. I has always beens a very clean kitteh, but wuz nots given da opportunity untils nows to shows its. I woulds gets very upset when I hads to bes cleaned. I wuz upset cuz I messed, not dat I had peeps cleaning mes.

When I coulds poo on mai own, I woulds stiffen ups like a board and falls over backwards. Dis wuz a seizure. Da peeps customized mai litter boxie cuz dey wuz worried dat I woulds hurt maiself more. Dey mades mes mai own Bumper Box. Dey used corn litter stead of clay litter cuz I woulds tries to eat da clay. I discovered dat corn dun tastes as goodly.

I wuz ins and outs of da vet offices a lots dose firstly four months. Da peeps gaves mes lots of fluids, pumpkin and supplements to helps mes detox and continue to helps mai kidneys recover and dos a goodly job keeping da toxins down in mai body. I is chemically senstives nows, sos dey tries to dos everything dey cans in a more natural way, which I seems to respond goodly tos.

I has even been to sees a neurologist!

Da peeps learned all dey coulds about dese products and I has become a Spokeskitty against dem and an advocate for safer alternatives. Dey wuz shocked to finds overs 44,000 cats and dogs wuz harmed just in 2008 and just frum spot on products.

Mai peeps told mes dat as long as I wuz determined and loved life, dey woulds helps mes in any way dey coulds to bes da bestest kitteh I cans bes. I has kitteh friends nows, especially Jersey da feral kitteh. I likes da goggie, Fiona, toos. I gets acupooky to helps mes and alsos is on lotsa supplements to helps wid mai various issues. Mai trembles is much betters, mai GI issues is doing goodly thanks to mai job at da Poo Factory and mai seizures haves pretty wells stopped.

I has dun so many things no one thought I coulds evers dos. Mai peeps never has said “Timmy can’t dos dis or dat”. Dey always let mes dos what I coulds dos when I coudls dos its. I has climbed up highs, I has leapt, I is learning more small muscle control, I has a noms off switch (unless it really goodly noms – hee!) and I loves mai life wid da peeps.

I evens wons week 8 of da Most Valuable Pet (MVP) Bissell Contest. Wes entered to share mai story wid more peoples, but mai friends mades mes a winner!

Now I is a Spokeskitty, like I said. I is alsos a Milty Pet wid da Milty Project and has mai very own Milty Logo. A Milty is a very special Blanket mades by Miss Maike to helps rescues and der rescuers.

I has mai own cat nip toys mades by Mimi of Catching Lizards. Shortly afters mai peeps rescued mes, dey hads a hooge financial change, sos mai friends has helped wid a lot of mai treatments and care. I coulds not possibly lists dem alls, but feels very lucky to has such goodly friends who believe in mes and mai Healing Journey.

It is a year ago todays dat I wuz rescued and came to lives wid mai peeps. I is thankfuls and feels so blessed. Since comings here I has lived a charmed life. I gets ups to lots of mischief and hijinx. Hee! I keeps mai peeps on der toesies and loves to plays and climb! Life is goodly!

Mai motto is dat yous can make a difference one kitteh, goggie or peep at a time. And sumptimes, things dat lil’ for yous to dos makes a hooge difference for oders.

*headbonks* mai friends. Until laters, make every day count and dun lets anything limits yous.

NOMasDay Everybudy

Tiny Timmy

PS – If yous wants to learn more about mai journey, yous can watch mai first movie below or in Timmy TV.

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