Under Construction

I knows sum of yous is sent heres afters orderin from mai Amazon Store. Firstly THANK YOUS VERY MUCHLY as da moneys (about 4% of your purchase) goes to helps wid mai care. I wanteds to lets you knows dat dis is mai site, but it under construction and da design mai be changing, but once it up for reals, I wills announce it.

Until den, yous can checks out Timmy TV by using da links on da right side (da top ones dun works for sum reason). Sits back, pop sum kitteh popcorns and enjoy da show! Dese da three short YouTube movies dat document mai story and Healing Journey so fars.


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  • Shaddy and Boo<span class="comment-author-location"> from Oregon City, OR, United States</span>

    Oh Timmy, we is just so sorry youse had to go thru so much, but thank God for your peeps, they are wonderful peeps and we’s soz(sorry in Aussie)that they has had fonies probs, R peeps has too or fur sure Mom wuld send you some monies to help. We will save all this info and hope to order your flea products next year here in Central Oregon we don’ has many fleas and dis time Mom spent da extra bucks and got R fleas stuff at vets. Ias too ‘spensive for her now and we don’ has o worry about dem int the winter times. Youse is jus’ one vurry spexcial kitteh and we’d like most o all to be yur furiend. We luvs you vurry much Tiny Timmy. Shadow, Boo, and Callie’s Girl.